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Twenty-somethings or 20 something singles dating articles

Love Tests-The Ultimate Love Test

Are you familiar with love tests? You can see love tests on many dating sites and in romance/dating magazines. What exactly is a love test? A love test is basically a quiz, a set of questions that supposedly will determine whether or not the girl or guy you are dating really loves you, or is […]

Single Gals and God’s Grace

As an employee in family court, I see a lot of single gals come through our doors. Not a few of these single gals are pregnant teen girls in great financial, spiritual and emotional need. This thought about single gals got me thinking about Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, our Saviour. Think about it. […]

Inspirational Love Quotes for Christians

There are an inumerable number of inspirational love quotes out in the world today. In fact whole websites are dedicated to cataloging inpirational love quotes from all different genres. If you’ve spent any time searching the web, you’ve probably come across some of these inspirational “love quote” sites. Why We Love Inpirational Love Quotes Inpirational […]