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Dating Match

finding your dating match, soulmate

Attracting the Right Man or Woman to Date

Some single Christians have no problems attracting a man or woman to date. Especially when using an online dating service like eHarmony.  However, attracting the right man or woman to date is often a separate issue. By the right man or woman to date, we mean that special person with whom you may wish to […]

Compatibility Love Test-How Compatible Are You With Your Date?

Many romance sites have compatibility love tests on them. For those of you who don’t know what a compatibillity love test is, it’s a set of quiz questions that’s suppose to determine if your love interest is compatible with you. Quite frankly, most of these compatibility love tests are bogus, and should only be taken […]

Dating Tips for Attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right

Attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right for a dating relationship that leads toward marriage is a goal of most Christian singles. Although there are a lot of online dating tips for attracting Mr. Right or Miss Right, some singles tend to keep attracting the exact opposite kind of person they need in a relationship. For […]