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Meeting .Com Single Parent Needs

Single Parents Meeting .com

Never heard of a .com single parent? Well meet my friend Sue. She is a .com single parent with two kids in the home, two jobs to pay the bills and no time to relax (let alone date) in the fast paced communication age in which she lives. Sound familiar? Meeting .com single parents’ needs can be daunting considering the sheer number of issues.

Additionally, although U.S. Census estimates claim that 59 percent of kids will live in a single parent home sometime in their childhood, most churches do not or cannot address this great need and ministry opportunity. Please pray for Christian single parents everywhere!

We are in the process of putting together some single parent resources (books or web sites) to share for meeting the needs of .com singles, so if you have anyplease feel free to share them here as we will be listing them in a future article.

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