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Christian Dating Site Reviews for Christian Singles

christian dating serviceAre you seeking  a Christian Dating Site  advice site that speaks not only to practical aspects of Christian dating, but also the spiritual and felt needs of Christian Singles?

Christian Dating Review Site

As a church planter and lead pastor of several churches, I began this Christian Dating Site Review and advice website in 2006,  after more than 25 years of helping singles (it’s been so fun!) at several different churches. Throughout my time ministering to single Christians,  I have discovered:

  • Christian singles ache for connection with others. Yes, most are seeking that one special lifelong soulmate, which is the reason they would give an online Christian Dateing Site a whirl. Yet, the majority single guys and girls I have met also seek solid platonic relationships with other Christian Singles and married couples.
  • Sadly, most local churches simply do not care, or are  just clueless on know how to meet  the needs of Christian Singles. The  end result is that many singles end up feeling  frustrated and excluded from church life. Some singles  have even reported feeling like “second class citizens” in their own church.

Christian Dating Service Mission

That’s why our goal at is to be a FREE Christian dating site/singles advice  resource hub that dishes out loving but practical support for Christian Singles.  At our single Christian dating site you will discover Christian dating and life tips for diverse singles groups including 20-something Millennials, 50-somethings, Christian single parents dating, college students, 30-somethings, online teen dating,  baby boomers, black singles dating, Catholic singles, hispanic dating and senior dating. I left a ton out, but I think you are picking up what I’m throwing down. 🙂

We decided to add a “Plus” to our Christian dating service domain because we are not just another Christian Dating for free review site. What sets us apart from all the others who offer Christian Dating site advice? We are a real church movement outside of the web, and are  partnering with churches and singles ministries all over the world. This includes Single Christian pastors, counselors and singles like yourself  that can help dish  practical advice to others through the interactive comments that takes place here.

The Bible (Proverbs) says it’s a wise thing to have many advisers, so if we put our heads together we can all help each other make great choices as we grow closer to Jesus.

So…grab a comfy seat, cup of tea, and dig in!

Best Christian Dating Sites and Matchmaking Sites

It took a while to weave  through  all Christian dating site pretenders, so what we have below are the top Online Christian Dating Service sites Christian singles use…all in one spot for you. Tell us your experiences with these Christian dating services, so others can benefit.

EHarmony Christian Dating Site

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of this Christian dating service, This Christian Dating Service claims to marry off tens of thousands of its dating site users every year

Christian Cafe

One of the most popular online Christian dating services. You can meet single Christian from all over the world on this site.


Around for over 20 years, this is one of the largest Christian Dating Sites, and over the last few years has been seen regularly on TV and heard on radio all over the world

Specialty Christian Dating Sites:
Senior Dating Site
Single Parent Dating

Free Christian Dating Site Flirting Tips:

Body Language Flirting-How to know When a Guy Likes a Girl
Signs of Flirting-How to tell She Flirting With You

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Christian Dating: How to Start
Creative Dating Ideas
Christian Personals: Ads for Single Christians
Catholic Singles Who Love Jesus
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Dating Advice on How to Break Up
Dating Advice on Screen Names
Dating Profile Writing Tips
Dating Picture Advice
Dating Tips for the Christian Single
Dating Tips for a Long Distance Relationship
Email Etiquette for Dating
How to Ask Someone Out on a Date

Online Dating Growing in Europe

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Single Again Tips
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