Great Single Christian Dating Partner Indicators

Great Single Christian Dating Partner Indicators

Are you a Christian Single looking for a great Christian girlfriend or boyfriend?  Do you know what qualities you should be on the look out for while waiting of your future dating partner to come into your life?  We talked to a bunch of Christian singles and this is what we came up with!

Great Single Christian Boy/Girlfriend Indicators

  • They put Jesus Christ first in their life:  If a person puts Jesus first, everything else in their life will be balanced and fall into place.  Having Jesus in as the center of a relationship is the only way to ensure its success!
  • They have other healthy relationships:  Take note of the persons other relationships.  Do they have a good relationship with their friends, parents siblings, ect…?  How did their past dating relationships end up?  If the person doesn’t seem to have a history of healthy relationships, then you should be very wary of entering into a dating relationship with them.
  • They value honesty: Honesty is always the best policy!  Nobody likes liars and cheaters.  An ideal Christian soul mate will always express the truth to you in love, even when if it can hurts.
  • They are forgiving : Everybody finds themslef in a situation where they need forgiveness, and this is especially true in dating relationships!  If you’re dating somebody who finds it difficult to forgive, continues to bring up past issues, then they most likely are not the dating match that God has for you.
  • They maintain an optimistic outlook:  A light hearted attitude is very contagious!  Life can get difficult at times, but having a person who keeps a positive attitude can really go a long way!

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