Posts from March 2019

Posts from March 2019

christian dating tips

Christian Dating Tips Podcast

Our Christian dating church pod-cast of the week takes us to Bloomington, Minnesota (MN). Here pastor Chris Reinertson, of the River Church at Mall of America, speaks about the journey of Christian dating. If you are a Christian single presenting in a Christian dating relationship, or simply interested in dating, this message covers it all. If your church, Christian singles group or college ministry has a singles related message they would like pod-casted to thousands of singles for free, please…
singles chat

Single Chat-Hope for Singles

Single Chat? No, by using the term “single chat” we are not talking about the many single chat rooms out there on the internet. What we are referring to is single chat message for single Christians regarding the trials and tribulations of single life. It’s not easy living alone as a godly Christian single in today’s world. Many of us feel pressure on all sides. Others have written us telling of their heartbreak, guilt and discouragement. Well, the following “single…

Information on Single Parenting Hood

Need information on single parenting hood?  Many single parents are seeking information on how to balance their Christian dating lives with raising their kids properly.   There is a lot of information on single parenting hood  on the web. However, not all that info is good for Christian single parents. Information on Single Parenting  Hood Tips Raising kids in a single parenting hood environment is very difficult. However, if you are even thinking of dating as a single parent we…
christian dating advice for men

Christian Dating Advice for Men Seeking Marriage

This podcast is all about Christian dating advice for men seeking seeking to get hitched.  A whole lot of Christian men and woman for that matter  seek Christian dating advice on spiritual relationships soul mates, and what makes for good marriage material.  Many people feel the best determining factor in determining a successful marriage (or dating relationship for that matter) is how close the couple is spiritually.  Studies show that those couples who experience close spiritual relationships  with each other…
christian dating tips for men and women

Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women

Are you looking for Christian dating tips for men or women? I have to say the following Christian dating podcast for guys and girls is probably the best and practical  we have put on air. Pastor Marc Driscoll  gives out dating tips for men and women in terms that are both funny and informative Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women Huh? Yeah, I thought so too, but here is what happens: During his message on Christian dating people were…