Adults Dating for Sex-An American Idol

Adults Dating for Sex-An American Idol

Did I get your attention? Yes, adult sex dating is an American Idol of USA society. Dating single adults have put sex on a pedestal, and are bowing down to it daily. Sex has become the cure all for many dating adults who are lonely and looking for more meaning in their lives. Unfortunately, many single Christians have fallen prey to sex sin because of a wrong view of sex.

Adult Dating Sex Ads

The porn industry is having a ball feeding on the pain of loneliness and endless desire dating adults have for sex. Get a look at this from a popular adult dating sex website: “Something missing in your life, looking for someone to have some fun with? Get it right here!” In our Church podcast of the week, Pastor Paul McGovern, of Crossroads Church in Fremont, California (CA), brings us a message aptly called “American Idol of Sex.” If you are a single adult dating and having sex, or at least confused over the issue, this is a message you need to hear. Not to bang you over the head with a Bible (does that ever work anyway?), but to encourage you that there is a much better way filled with joy, hope and sexual fulfillment. Are you single with something to share on this message topic?

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