Article Submission Benefits

Article Submission Benefits

You will receive many great benefits for your article submissions at Christian Dating Service PLUS!:

1. Added Exposure

We get thousands of singles each week who will read your article submissions. This means your church, dating/singles site, business or singles group ministry will get more exposure, traffic and/or visitors. Each article submission will include your dating profile information, if desired.

After registering as an author to submit articles, you can fill out a profile from our admin panel. Your profile could include your name, credentials/bio, web site link and email address. We will include as much info as you want in a resource box at the bottom of your submitted article.

2. Expanded Ministry Reach

You will greatly expand your ministry opportunities by submitting articles that will be read by singles in need from over 120 different countries. Click to the bottom of this article to see where they live. Each month thousands stay on this site for over an hour soaking in Christian singles articles on the single life, dating tips, Bible devotionals and so forth.

Article submissions are often picked up on other sites, and through numerous RSS feeds (ex:click on the Google Reader on our sidebar). This will further multiply your influence, and may get people wanting to hire you to write other articles, or even be asked to speak at churches or seminars.

3. Establish Your Credentials

Article submissions will help establish you as an expert or authority in your partular field or ministry.

4. Free Advertising

Article submissions will get free advertising for your church, dating site, business, para-church or singles group/ministry.

5. Provides a Forum for Sounding Off

If you’re a Christian who’s simply looking for a place to express dreams, views, frustrations, etc., article submissions are a way to do it. Submitting articles on topics (dating tips, advice, sex, marriage,relationships, career, church, singles ministry, etc) related to the single Christian life experience is a great way to minister and connect with others going through the same experiences.

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