Background Record Checks for Online Christian Daters

Background Record Checks for Online Christian Daters

Background record checks for online Christian daters are becoming more and more popular, as some internet dating services such as eHarmony are offering the option to their members. One of the online dating sites to offer background checks of their members is an interesting site called which began doing criminal background checks. Some lawmakers have actually proposed legislation that would force matchmaking services, including all Christian Dating Services, to perform background record checks on all the folks who use their sites.

Additionally, there are many companies that offer discreet background checks for those daters who have doubts about their potential dating partners. Just “Google” the phrase “background check”, and you’ll see a number of these services come on screen.

Most companies start the background check by verifying the potential soulmate’s identity using a combination of name, date of birth and residential/postal info. If you have a partial social security number, that will do as well. Once the person’s birthday and residence information is confirmed, the company can perform a background check on the person of interest, searching a number of different variables

Reasons to Use Criminal Background Record  Checks for Online Christian Daters

Surveys show many singles, including Christian singles, would be interested in using background checks on their dating interests. The reason is simple: No one wants to invest their tender emotions in a pathological liar. The companies that offer background checks claim they can answer the following questions for the right price:

  • Does he/she have a criminal background?
  • Is he/she already married, but still in the dating market?
  • Does he/she have a prior family court history with domestic violence or abuse?
  • Is he/she lying about name, age, occupation, location, etc?

Why Background Checks  are Not So Hot


Unless you are using one of the sites that offer background checks, checking
backgrounds on somebody can be pricey. A background check can cost you anywhere from $15-$80, depending on how nosy or scared you are.


Unless you pay top money, or have a dating site that knows what they’re doing, your background check may be outdated by a few years. Also, because identity theft is so prevalent, the person you think you’re doing a background check on, may not be the person you’re doing a background check on. Get it?

Single Christians can meet whackos, liars and cheaters not only online, but also in church (i’ve met a couple myself there), the market, a club, literally anywhere. So where do we draw the line on background checks?

Our take on the background check fad is that single people who use an online Christian Dating Service could find protection in the vast majority of cases by simply educating themselves about dating safety, both online and offline.

What are your thoughts on using dating background checks?

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    • Steven

      I understand the why people might think this is a good idea – but there are so many things wrong with this:

      -they invade privacy without guaranteeing safety

      -they violate the First Amendment

      -they force a business to incur costs that may be prohibitively expensive (imagine doing a background check on every single user of MySpace at a min. of $15 per background check).

      These companies are just out there to make a buck!

      • Debbie

        Background record checks? Pictures don’t always do someone justice, it is better to review the profiles and accept or decline from what is written. Does it hurt to speak with someone on the phone; you never know who your match will be? What you may consider to be your ideal match won’t be. Especially as we get older, try to be a little more open minded and honest with yourselves, if you aren’t serious then don’t put someone through the headache. I also signed up for My-chek to make sure the people I date know I am really who I say I am.

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