Being a single Christian and drawing near to God

Being a single Christian and drawing near to God

As a single Christian waiting on God for your soul mate, it can be easy to get impatient and self centered.  Focus can easily shift from God to yourself, and that just leads to feelings of loneliness  hopelessness and eventually depression.  Trust that God is using this time to prepare both you and your soul mate for each other and seek God during this time.

As A Christian Single, Submit Your Life To God

This week pastor Cliff spoke on James 3&4.  It’s all about being a doer of the Word by seeking God and letting the Holy Spirit transform you from the inside out.  James 4 talks about submitting our lives to God, and humbling ourselves before him so that by His grace, he will give us the power to purify our hearts.  God is the one in control of our lives, so don’t look at the future, the present or the past!  Keep your eyes on Jesus and humbly and thankfully accept His abundant grace!  Be a doer of the Word and be transformed by the Spirits life changing power!  Let your joy overflow in the LORD!



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