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BigChurch is a dating web site used by some single Christians, but it is not Christian Mingle or  other  good christian dating service. In fact, Big Church is associated with Adult Friend Finder, one of the largest distributors of porn on the web today. Why then would Christians want to use BigChurch? BigChurch has a great media campaign that portrays itself as wholesome and Christian. Additionally, many Christians simply don’t realize who owns BigChurch.

The bottom line here: If you’re serious about your faith, our opinion is you would be better off checking out Christian Mingle  or some of the more reputable sites listed below:

Christian Cafe
Christian Cupid

We reviewed BigChurch only because some believers have used it. Again we recommend another service like Christian Mingle or EHarmony.

Nevrtheless, here are some of the BigChurch particulars:

BigChurch allows guests to sign up for a Standard Free Membership which includes:

  • The use of BigChurch Christian Chat Rooms
  • Use of BigChurch Instant Messenger
  • Being able to form a BigChurch prayer group
  • Access to online BigChurch Bible Studies and Scripture sharing
  • Finding a Christian Penpal

BigChurch Costs

If you decide you want to enhance your BigChurch search capability with additional features, the online matchmaker service offers a Premium Membership that includes:

  • Exact “super searches” by keywords (like born-again, town, denomination, etc)
  • Regular e-mail notifications when BigChurch locates a new match for you
  • Unlimited e-mail, chat, and BigChurch’s new Video Introduction browsing and recording features

Before obtaining a BigChurch premium membership, you have to first get a Free Standard Membership. Here are the list costs of BigChurch:

BigChurch Silver:

$19.94 for 1 Month
$33.94 for 3 Months
$99.94 for 1 Year

BigChurch Gold:

$29.94 for 1 Month
$59.94 for 3 Months
$139.94 for 1 Year

BigChurch Kudos and Crowns

  • Big Church has a large datatbase.
  • The BigChurch features on the site are nifty

BigChurch Pitchforks

  • It’s not an exclusive Christian dating service, and the company that owns BigChurch, also owns such sites as AdultFriend Finder, which has some unsavory things about it. It’s between you and the Lord whether you can live with this discrepancy. Some Christians can’t deal with BigChurch, others have no problem with it. Personally, I would have a problem using BigChurch.

If you have used the BigChurch dating site, please help other singles by making a comment or writing your own Big Church review.

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  1. Mike Baron

    BigChurch has been “down” for at least three days now. Logging in takes forever to go all green and then it never opens. I have searched GOOGLE but nobody seems to be reporting any trouble with BigChurch. In addition, I am also very tired of BigChurch nickling and diming me on dumb little upgrades. I will not be renewing!

  2. manuely

    que buenoooooooo, Dios les bendiga.pero una cosa todas las personas registrada no son cristiana

  3. jesus cristian salvatierra alonso

    my soy cristiano y vivo en la cd de la paz y todo es bello en la palabra de dios



  5. elisabethmes

    On 3 occasions have had contact with scammers all claiming to be christians and then they have to leave on business or death to Nigeria. Then the fun starts – they are in trouble and wanting money. I have reported 3 instances. One even reappeared in another profile a couple of weeks later. Sounds very christian to me. I will not be renewing.

  6. Ellen

    Bigchurch is owned by a pornographic business, by being a member of this site, a christian is condoning & supporting pornography which is sin. Bigchurch is a secular organisation whose primary goal is to make money.

  7. Mickey

    That is interesting about Bigchurch. I stopped using Bigchurch because I discovered that they put false information on there to make it look like there are more single people and that they have been on there more frequently han is real. Very dishonest!!!!!

  8. Mel

    Biggest bunch of scammers. Had contact with three men, all then asked for money on the premises that one was building an orpanage, one was mugged in South Africa and had no money. I have since looked at scamming sites and recongnised loads of photos used in Big Church’s site. Needless to say a complete and utter waste of money

  9. Karen

    2 years ago I bought a 3 month gold membership to check it out. I wrote many men and only 1 local man responded. The rest never wrote back. But I started getting many enthusiastic letters from out of state men who claimed to have become infatuated with me via my profile. I spent many hours writing back, telling them about myself, and hoping to make a connection even though they lived some distance away. Strangely, after a few letters they always disappeared. This happened 5 or 6 times during the 3 months. Sometimes their letters didn’t quite match what their profile said, and I got suspicious but stayed with it. Looking back, this was naive and stupid, but I was so lonely and really wanted to meet someone that I believed their lies.

    After my gold membership expired, I decided not to renew, but was planned to still use the free part of the service. After a few weeks my login stopped working. I emailed customer service many times about it but NEVER got a response. Finally I gave up altogether.

    ***Here’s the important part of this review: I finally realized that they were blocking me and using my profile for their marketing purposes. BIGCHURCH HIRES PEOPLE TO USE YOUR PROFILE TO WRITE FAKE LETTERS TO OTHER PEOPLE TO KEEP THEM RENEWING THEIR MEMBERSHIP!!!! All the out of state letters I got and spent hours responding to were FAKE!!! The profiles were real but the owners were long gone. Now they were doing the same thing with my profile, picture, personal details, etc. and I have no way to stop them. This site is all about theft and lying just to get your money!! Their deceit is so ANTI-CHRISTIAN I hope they all go to hell for getting my hopes up and then dashing them over and over again. It was a cruel and tough lesson about greed and deception, and even though a site claims to be Christian, don’t believe it !!!

    Later I found a FREE dating site called Plenty of Fish, which is real. It’s not “Christian” but I’ve met many real and nice local men on it, and now have a wonderful and steady boyfriend I met there. STAY AWAY FROM BIGCHURCH!!!

  10. Chris Ottaway

    I’ve been a non-paying member of Big Church since before it was taken over by Adult Friend Finder. I cannot find any other Christian chat room where you can: a/ join for nothing, and b/ have to be single.
    I’m married, but have a lot of friends in BC. I actually met my wife there!
    So, until such time as I can find a Christian chat room which costs me nothing and will admit married people, I’ll continue in BC.

  11. Lucy Bedford

    I joined Big Church in the summer of 2008. For all its faults as a dating site I cannot complain too much as I met my husbant through it. Through him I have started going to church again and am a much better person.

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