Black Christian Singles Dating Unbelievers

Black Christian Singles Dating Unbelievers

The following is a Black Christian Singles sound off from a Black Single Christian
girl who opts in on the topic of Black Christian singles dating unbelievers. Note that her view does not reflect the view of Christian Dating Service Plus:

Honestly, I don’t understand why Black Single Christians would NOT date non-Christians, especially with the low pool of single black Christians in the church today. I also really can’t believe God would say not to date a nonbeliever. I am dating a guy with no religion. He believes in God but that is it. I personally don’t think God would be mad at that.

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Now some Black Single Christians may say  simply believing in God means nothing compared with  a life dedicated to Christ.  I’ve also had many Christians (both black and white) chastise me saying a non-believer would be a bad influence, and would only be seeking someone to have sex with. My point is since most Christian black singles have sex before marriage anyway, what kind of argument is this?
God says in Psalms 1-10 not to worry about those doing wrong, but for you to do good and he will give you the true desire of your heart. Well basically that’s what he says.  As Christians, we shouldn’t  be worrying about others’ sins,  but to look after our own. God tells us not to judge others.

Overall, as an 18 year old Black Single Christian I feel God wants us to enjoy life, and just love Him. I think he understands the difficult situation single Black christian girls are in when it come to available men to date. He will work his will through our decisions,  as long as we do so with good motives in mind.

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