Blessed Life 1- Living a Blessed Life

Blessed Life 1- Living a Blessed Life

The blessed life? How would you define living a blessed life? For some, it’s a happy dating relationship, or finding your  life long soulmate.  for others it’s having a good family or job.Still for others, living a blessed life means having enough financial blessing not to have to worry about money.

So let me ask you a question.  Whether single or married, are you living a blessed life? If you feel you are living a blessed life now, do you wish it was even more blessed? If so, our following church podcast on how to live the blessed life will be a real blessing to you! No pun intended.

Living a Blessed Life Podcast

Listening to the  is easy. You can just click on our player below, listen to it on our pop-up loader, which will allow you to go to other pages while you listen,  or just download the living a blessed life  directly from our site.

Oasis is a brand new Central New Jersey Church that meets Sundays at 11am at 1180 Spruce Dr in mountainside. However, for updates, go to our website at for more deets. Blessings!

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