Reaching Generation Z Singles for Jesus

Reaching Generation Z Singles for Jesus

Generation Z Singles
Generation Z

As Generation Z Christian singles can tell you, the vast majority of other 20-something singles do not attend church. Paradoxically, Generations Z Singles as they are called today, are also one of the most receptive age groups to evangelize. How can both of these statements about Gen singles be true? The answer is that many Christian churches are simply missing huge opportunities by not communicating the Gospel to 20-something singles in ways that make sense to them.

In fact, most Generation Z singles look at church as being:

  • An institution built primarily for married couples with children
  • A boring and irrelevant place to be on their day off from work.

Since single adults (20-somethings, 30-somethings, 40-somethings, 50-somethings, etc.) make up the majority of the US population, it’s imperative for the church to share the love of Jesus with them in ways that make an impact in their lives.

Generation Z, a cohort born from the mid-1990s to the early 2010s, is growing up in a time filled with technology, social media, and a world rapidly changing in values. This generation is markedly different from the previous ones, especially when it comes to spirituality and religious engagement. Among them, 20-something singles represent a significant and unique demographic. Understanding and reaching them with the message of Jesus can be a rewarding, yet challenging task.

Understanding Generation Z Singles

Generation Z singles are characterized by a strong desire for authenticity, community, and social justice. Many are passionate about making a difference in the world but may often feel disconnected from traditional religious institutions. They seek real connections, open dialogues, and a purpose that aligns with their values.

1. The Importance of Authenticity

20-something singles are drawn to authenticity. To reach them, it’s important to show genuine interest in their lives, thoughts, and concerns. Superficial conversations or a hard-sell approach to faith will likely alienate them. They want to see how faith is lived out practically and genuinely.

2. Building Real Connections

Social media might connect us globally, but many Generation Z singles report feelings of loneliness and disconnect. Creating communities where they can form real, face-to-face connections is vital. This can be achieved through small groups, social events, or volunteering opportunities focused on shared interests or values.

3. Engaging in Social Justice

Many 20-something singles are passionate about social justice and equality. By demonstrating how the teachings of Jesus align with these values, and actively participating in social justice initiatives, the church can build bridges with Generation Z.

Strategies for Evangelizing Generation Z Singles

Reaching Gen Z singles for Jesus requires innovative strategies tailored to their unique needs and desires. Here are some methods that could prove effective:

1. Utilize Technology and Social Media

Embrace the platforms where Generation Z spends most of their time. Share inspiring content, testimonials, and interactive discussions that resonate with their daily lives. Creating an online presence that is engaging and meaningful can help draw them closer to the message of Jesus.

2. Foster Inclusive Communities

Build communities that welcome all, regardless of background or belief. Fostering an environment that encourages open dialogue allows for deeper connections and provides a space for 20-something singles to explore faith without judgment.

3. Offer Opportunities for Personal Growth

Provide resources, courses, and gatherings that align with their interests and ambitions. By connecting faith with personal and professional development, the church can become a vital part of their life journey.

4. Showcase Real-Life Testimonies

Share stories of real people who have found hope and purpose in Jesus. These personal narratives can make the Christian faith more relatable and appealing to Generation Z singles.

What Generation Z Singles Want

How do we as Christians reach Gen Z singles for Christ? By understanding what drives 20-somethings.

Gen Z Singles Yearn for Intimate Relationships

Millennials have grown up in a materialistic, superficial world, and they’re tired of it.  Although Generation Z Singles are not into traditional church services, they are looking for meaningful and deep relationships where real heart-sharing occurs. This type of dynamic occurs most easily in small groups. That’s one important reason why programs like the Alpha course have been wildly popular among 20-something singles. Using small groups (at we call them connect groups) is actually how we started Rutgers Oasis Church from scratch in the last year.

Relationship building and evangelization through small groups also play well to the heart of 20-something Christian singles. For example, to paraphrase George Barna, 20-something Christian singles are about to launch the Third Great Awakening. They are not into “playing church”, which they perceive to be superficial. They are, however, passionate about “being the church” to others around them. Sure, the vast majority of 20-somethings are interested in meeting other singles for dating relationships, but this is not their central focus.

Generation Z Singles Prefer Informal

20-something singles tend to thrive in laid-back, non-threatening environments that don’t come across as “too churchy”. Instead of having someone preach to them, they would prefer a comfortable setting where give-and-take sharing can occur.

Generation Z Singles are Looking for an Experience

Sharing your head knowledge will only get you so far with Gen Z. Don’t get excited; there’s a place for Bible teaching, doctrine, and Josh McDowell apologetics. We believe that God’s word is powerful! But what we are saying is 20-somethings want to experience realness. That’s why they are much more initially impressed by experiencing a genuine, open, and loving Christian than by being handed a Bible tract.

If you are a Generation Z  Christian single, you have a great challenge and opportunity to reach this most important generation for Jesus. Are you up to the challenge?

Bible Verse of the Day

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”
2 Corinithians 5:20

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