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Posts from 2018

sexy singles

Sexy Singles and the Bible

Sexy Christian singles? Gulp! This is dangerous territory. Is it ok to be a sexy single and still be an obedient Christ follower?  What do you think single Christians? Hmm. I just looked up “sexy” in Websters and gave me back the following two definitions: Sexy Singles According to Webster 1. Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. 2. Slang for highly appealing or interesting; attractive. Seems to me that definition number 2 is cool. I mean, most…
positive christian singles

Positive Singles and Christian Singles

Have you ever heard of positive singles? Simply put, positive singles are those folks who suffer from from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HPV, Herpes or HIV and AIDS. Did you know that over 60 million people ( many of whom are Christian singles) suffer from the stigma associated with having an STD? Additionally a recent survey showed that one in four (25%) of Teenage girls are positive singles suffering with Herpes. Positive Singles, Shame and Loneliness Positive singles have…
Single Loving

Single and Loving It?

Are you single and loving it? I have taken a poll of hundreds of single Christians regarding whether that are content in their single lives? Not surprisingly the results were mixed. 53% stated that they were  loving being single, while 35% were discouraged and frustrated with singlehood. The remaining 12% of Christian singles stated they were tolerating being single but looked forward to finding that special soulmate. The number one reason for putting off marriage? Career. Where are you in…
letting go of a relationship

Letting Go of a Relationship

Most of us know that letting go of a relationship, even if it’s a toxic relationship, is one of the most difficult thing to do. In a previous article we mentioned when it might be a good idea to let go of a relationship However,  many single Christians have communicated to us that simply knowing letting go of a relationship is not enough. One single Christian girl wrote that her cheating boyfriend has her under his power, and try as…
ust and christians

Christian Single Men and Lust

All Christian single men battle lust of the flesh from time to time. In fact, let’s just make that ALL guys, whether they be single men or married men, Christian or non-Christian. One single man pal of mine said if his girlfriend ever knew his thoughts, she would never stop slapping him! Listen, men struggle with lust, and any single man who says otherwise is just lying out of fear, manipulative motives, embarrassment or a combination of the three. The…
sovereign grace

Sovereign Grace Singles

Did you know there is actually a “Sovereign Grace Singles” dating site for Christian singles? Oh, wait a minute, Sovereign Grace Singles ( is not for all single Christians, but only for those who hold to a Reformed theological point of view. Sovereign Grace Singles even uses this Scripture from Amos 3:3 to back up their point of view: ‘Can two walk together except they be agreed?’ How outrageous, sad…and unbiblical!   Check out this quote on the Sovereign Grace…