Posts from December 2018

Posts from December 2018

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Sexy Singles and the Bible

Sexy Christian singles? Gulp! This is dangerous territory. Is it ok to be a sexy single and still be an obedient Christ follower?  What do you think single Christians? Hmm. I just looked up “sexy” in Websters and gave me back the following two definitions: Sexy Singles According to Webster 1. Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. 2. Slang for highly appealing or interesting; attractive. Seems to me that definition number 2 is cool. I mean, most…

Child Support Payments and Christian Single Parents

Receiving child support payments is a major worry for Christian single parents, who often struggle to keep their kids well fed and clothed. It’s no wonder then that custodial single parents rank collecting child support payments ahead of concerns like single parent dating with kids. Of course, when it comes to child support payments, these single parents are not alone. Skirting Child Support Payments: A Worldwide Problem According to ACES (The Association for Children for Enforcement of Support) only half…