Posts from March 2019

Posts from March 2019

letting go of a relationship

Letting Go of a Relationship as a Christian Single

Sometimes letting go of a relationship can can be  harder than finding a girlfriend or boyfriend. Even when we know letting go of a particular relationship is in our best interest, like in the case of an abusive dating relationship, or dating a married person or dating an unbeliever, it is not always an easy decision. Many times a Christian single may struggle over feeling guilty or think that that the right person will never come into your life if you break…
accepting singleness

Accepting Singleness as a Christian Single

Do you have difficulty accepting singleness as a Christian single? Many singles I know are depressed  and discouraged because they cant can’t seem to find contentment in their present state of singleness. Their  pursuit of  the perfect Christian dating relationship leading toarward marriage is so all consuming that that lose the joy of living day to day as a single person. Let’s be clear here. Accepting singleness has nothing to do with pursuing  a Christian marriage with the right person.…