Posts from July 2019

Posts from July 2019

teen dating heartbreak

Teen Dating Heartbreak

Have you had your heart broken in a relationship? Being rejected is very painful and at first it may seem that things will never get better. However, in time you will heal and be ready to date another person. In the middle of all these emotions, it is very important to remember Romans 8:28. All things work together for good for those that love the lord. All things; even a breakup. God is all powerful and all knowing, and he…

Flashback: Obama Picks Biden for Vice-President!

Wow! I wrote this article in 2008, and now Biden is running for President.  What are your thoughts now about Biden for President? That’s right, our sources tell us Barak Obama has chosen Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice-presidential candidate, mainly due to Biden’s foreign policy background. Barak Obama and Joe Biden as running mates in the 2008 Presidential Election! Obama choosing Biden as VP is somewhat surprising to some, who interpreted Biden’s comments about Barak during the…