Alcohol Use and Abuse Among Single Adults

Alcohol Use and Abuse Among Single Adults

This is a fact: Alcohol Use and Abuse is much more prevalent among single people (across all age groups) than with those who are married. While single men are by far the largest demographic that uses and abuses alcohol, recent studies in the US and UK find alarming rises in alcohol use and abuse among single women.

Does all this alcohol use and abuse surprise you? It shouldn’t because alcohol use and abuse goes hand in hand with other struggles common to singles including loneliness and depression.

Alcohol Use and Abuse Signs

While drinking alcohol is certainly not condemned in the Bible, it’s abuse is. So what exactly are some signs of alcohol use and abuse? if you are a Christian single with any of the below, you may have an alcohol addiction problem that needs attention:

  • You can’t deal with major duties at home, work and church
  • Your alcohol use put you and others in physcial danger. For example driving “under the influence”
  • Your alcohol use and abuse cause you to have problems with the law
  • Your alcohol use is detroying your relationships (ex:dating) with those close to you

Overall, not treating this type of alcohol use and abuse can lead to more serious problems, including alcoholism.

Many singles who have abused alcohol (or any other substance) have expressed regret at having “wasted their lives” during this time of addiction. Missed opportunities. Poor relationship decisions. Regrettable immoral behavior.

Daily Devotional

In our daily devotion, Pastor Dave Gremban, of Calvary Chapel Ann Arbor, Michigan, encourages Christian singles to make the most of our time:

“In Ephesians 5:15-20, we are encouraged to walk wisely/sensibly/intelligently (v. 15). We are to make the most of each opportunity to shine brightly for Him in the midst of a dark world (v. 16). Let’s not waste our lives on foolish pursuits such as drunkenness, but let’s continually walk in the fullness of the Spirit (v. 18).

“In other words, let’s be constantly under the influence of nothing but the Spirit of God. Those who are full of the Spirit long for worship and they speak words and sing songs that reflect the heart of a worshiper (v. 19). In addition, those who are full of the Spirit show it in their gratitude, thanking God for all things (v. 20).

“Remember that He is able to use all things, even the difficult circumstances and the times when we’ve been wrongfully hurt, for His ultimate purposes (Rom. 8:28). He wastes nothing in our lives. Let’s shine for Him!”

Bible Verse of Day

-Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit- Ephesians 5:18

If you are a single person suffering from alcohol use and abuse, or any other addiction, remember there is hope for you! If you are seeking help, you may contact us or Google search Christian Overcomers Groups/ 12 Step Programs in your area.

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    • rt solohub

      Those who choose to drink owe it to themselves and the rest of society to learn to do so responsibly. This website, and the book offered on it, teaches how to drink alcohol responsibly without stigmatizing those who choose to drink.

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