Are LDS Dating Services Christian?

Are LDS Dating Services Christian?

What about LDS dating? A number of singles have wondered why we have yet to review online LDS dating services at Christian Dating Service PLUS. Well, the reason we have had no mention of LDS dating is because we would categorize Mormon beliefs (LDS Dating is specifically for Mormon adherents) outside of orthodox Christianity.

Now please don’t misinterpret us. We are not trashing individual LDS singles here. In fact LDS folks are amazingly gracious, kind and loving people. And I admire their zeal for their brand of evangelism. If only more Christians could be so filled with such boldness and passion for the Great Commission!

Why I Would Not Use LDS Dating Sites

Many single Christians don’t know the differences between Christians and Mormons. Yet there are so many fatal differences that we would consider a Christian dating an LDS single as being unequally yoked.

For example, while Southern Baptists and Roman Catholics disagree over many serious theological issues, they would agree on the essentials of historic Christian beliefs such as the Virgin Birth of Jesus, that God has always been God, the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, etc. Conversely, Mormonism and LDS doctrine are foreign to core Christian beliefs.

Overall then, LDS dating sites and Mitt Romney may be nice, but single Christians interested in obeying Jesus should not join them. Have another view on LDS dating?

Bible Verse of Day

~For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time~Matthew 24:24,25

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    • misael

      creo que la evidencia es tan notable entre
      los que creen y los que no creen ; mientras
      nosotros nos peliamos entre nosotros mismos,
      creyendo en cristo , que mal ejemplo.


      • JDD

        Just for the record, despite what you’ve read on anti-Mormon websites, Mormons do believe in the Virgin Birth, do believe in the Deity of Christ, do believe in the Trinity (social trinity, not Nicenean trinity, but the differences are minor), etc.
        With all due respect (and I mean that sincerely), perhaps you should be more careful before passing judgment on an entire group of people. Aren’t we supposed to be leaving the judgment of who is a true Christian and who isn’t up to Jesus Christ?

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