Bible Study Guides and Christian Singles

Bible Study Guides and Christian Singles

Bible study guides are useful tools, especially for Christian singles who live such busy lives. With an online Bible Study Guide, say through Bible Study, one can access free online Bible translations, lexicons, Bible study commentaries, a topical Scripture guide and basically any other kind of Bible resource you may need.

My Bible Study Guide New Year’s Resolution

The fact is, the more we really get to know God through His word, the greater our faith and blessings. Now isn’t that a great reason to study the Bible? Yet, if you have good intentions, but are busy and undisciplined like me, a Bible study guide may be just the thing you need. In 2007, I’m using a Bible study guide to help me fulfill my desire to know Jesus on a deeper level.

Christian Dating Service PLUS! Bible Study Podcast

As a sidebar to our Bible Study Guide discussion, Lord willing in 2007, we will be starting a daily devotional Bible study podcast, as a way of guiding through the New Testament.

However, before we actually start our Bible study guide through the NT, we will be podcasting a Single People in the Bible series that will focus on some of the stress, blessings and temptations of these singles. It’s amazing how relevant the Holy Bible is for us today!

Bible Verse of Day

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping [it] according to Your word.”

Psalm 119:19

What our your views on Bible study guides? How well have you, as a Christian single woman or man, allowed the lessons of the Bible guide your life?

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