Black and White Singles and Election 2008

Black and White Singles and Election 2008

Why are we writing about black and white singles? For those who don’t know Christian Dating Service PLUS has taken the position that racism (especially in light of the upcoming US election) both in the church and our society is one of the biggest barriers both black and white single Christians must overcome if we are to impact our society for Jesus. I am addressing this issue here because our readership (over 100,00 per month) is made up nearly equally of both white and black singles.

Black and White Singles Plea

One white reader recently wrote accusing me of being racist because I have articles about Christian black singles and the issues they face. You can read my response below. *

Please! Talking about racial issues is not being racist as one our readers has suggested. No. Acknowledging our differences, forgiving each other, confronting racism (from both black and white sources) and speaking the truth in love is a powerful way both black and white singles who love Jesus can help transform our country and the world.

Can you imagine the message this would send unbelievers and Washington if both black and white Christian singles united as a movement to declare we are all ONE in Christ Jesus? Can you imagine the impact? Can anyone spell R-E-V-I-V-A-L?

Bible Verse of Day

~Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common. And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all~Acts 4:32-33

Overall, this is one of the reasons we are planting a multicultural church in NJ. It’s called Oasis and we need people to become part of our CORE TEAM as we plan to reach out to the Central New Jersey area. Want to team up with us? You can check out what we’re about right here:

* Dear Sister Marcie:

I get thousands of emails…but I just happened to see your comments about us being racist. Here’s the deal: I am a church planter in NJ who is planting a contemporary multicultural church. Our Core Team (made up of black, white, hispanic) would have laughed if they read your comments.


1. You should have read what we have written about Interracial relationships before making such comments. I find your comments funny because we get attacked daily by real racists.

2. Why the separate topics of Black and Hispanic Singles? Simply…we want to reach unchurched people (many whom are racist) with the gospel and it’s these keywords that they search for.

Hey…I love you anyway…and please pray for us??? We need all the help we can get….would love to have ya helping our New York Metropolitan Area church plant.

Bro David

Christian Dating Service Plus

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    • Maria Figueroa

      i really wonder about some people opinions, jJesus is trying to bring all people together and people who are supposed to be christians are are racist makes me wonder in that staete of mind which heaven are they going to call hom,e and what are they going to tell jesus when he comes back there is no white heaven and black heaven if we cannot live together here on earth you are not going to make itto heaven get real and remove that one word from your heart HATE you need to have a renewed mind to do that. meet me on facebook

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