Broken Heart Quotes for Brokenhearted Singles

Broken Heart Quotes for Brokenhearted Singles

One of my favorite broken heart quotes comes from an unknown Christian author:”God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.”

I love this broken heart quote because there within it is a kernel of hope for healing.

If you have ever suffered a broken heart, you know the feelings of despair and rejection that goes along with it. I know I sure have. If you are going through the pain of a broken heart right now, please take cheer in knowing that your Saviour has been there and done that.

Some folks have even said that our Jesus did not die from the torture of the cross, but rather from a broken heart. I don’t know about all of that. I’ll leave that one to the speculating theologians But what I do know is this:

-The Lord is near the broken-hearted; he is the saviour of those whose spirits are crushed down-Psalm 34:18

Now that is one broken heart quote, we can live by and trust.

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    • Jhonny

      i’ve never felt this down before.. But the prhase “God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.” kinda got to me, you know…

      • MARY


        • Laura

          In regard to a broken heart, my fiance broke up with me because i had started to act different. everyone including his mother says that he is the one who changed, not me.i still feel horrible though because i became stronger and he just became more distant.i don’t even feel hurt.his mom and i have prayed so much that i won’t get hurt and God has made the worst day of my life painless.i believe God allows things to happen so we may all become closer to Him.Thanx

          • Tina

            Hello all I was with my boyfriend off and on for 14yrs I have always been there for him and has always put him first before me or anyone else…1st mistake. Me and him broke up in June and married another woman in august. My heart has never been filled with so much pain i mean i have been there for him when he had another baby with this woman i’ve even moved on with my life and allowed him to come back and disrupt my again. I know god loves me and i love him as well i know i never should have put no man before god, and i feel like i didn’t but when i think about it i did. This pain so days is unbearble but it’s a paid i think god for because i prayed for god to remove him safely from my life because i know we was not right for each other but i would’ve never thought in a million years it would have happened this way.. So I asked you when we ask god to do things for us that we know we need why do when hurt when he does it. If someone can answer that it will be greatly appreciated…………Hurt for Life????

            • Lisa

              I was married for 18 years. My husband cheated on me 7 times one being my sister. After he abandon me and my two boys I didn’t date for 3 1/2 years. Than I went out with a guy and he lied to me and told me what he thought I wanted to hear. After all of this pressure to give him my heart he one day just didn’t show up. My heart had healed from my broken, abusive marriage and than here comes this powerful corrections officer seeing I’m vunerable and takes advantage of that. He hurt me almost worse than my ex-husband at least with him I saw it coming and knew what the problem was. This man never apologized and I think he is getting engaged now..not sure! I’ve had such a hard time letting go and I really go to God asking for him to heal me and bring me the man of my dreams….I’m waiting! All I can say is vengeance is the Lord’s!!

              • A. Johnson

                Well i’m kind of young but I still have a heavy heart today. I was with a boy for almost three years…maybe i’m too young to know what Love is bt the feelings I had for him I have never had for anyone else. We just recently broke up….the beginning of the relationship was wonderful but the end was a disaster. We both went to college and drifted apart…insecurities set in and he broke up with me. I’m trying to believe what my heart is saying-that this is the right thing- but deep down inside I love him and i miss him. I’m sufferring from a broken heart…adn i realized it was broken because I gave this oby all of my heart so God didnt have any pieces to work with. I strayed away from God in my relationship instead of making him a part of my relationship. I’m asking that ya’ll pray for me so that I can see what Gods plan and will is for me now because I’m lost. Thank you.

                • M

                  I still have a broken heart and it’s been almost a year and a half. Wake up thinking about him and go to bed thinking about him. It took about 8 mths to laugh again and I was one that was always laughing. My nickname was Smiley. That was over two years ago:(. I don’t know how to recover. I had given up my home, my job, moved across the country for him and things went south. Partly becasue of the adjustments I was trying to make on his turf and missing my friends. I do anything to have another chance with him but he is long gone. I doubt I ever cross his mind except for the laugh he gets from my painful emails I sent following. That’s the worst part of this. I’ve tried shrinks, chased away friends with this pain and have emotionally shut down to everyone. I even got fired from a job last year and I was always in the top five producers prior to all this. I don’t even know where to turn anymore. I’m walking around like a zombie.

                  • mz.twentysEven..

                    im stiLL young right now.. at the age of thirteen i felt rejected when my boyfriend left me.. it was kinda a long time ago.. 7 months for sure.. i loved him so much.. that a gave all my love to him that i dont left even a 1% love to myslef.. we had been 5 months with each other .. he just left me w/out explaining why.. i cried nd cried those time.. until now.. i can’t explain why im feeling this feelingz.. all i know that is i still love him.. but he has now his new girlfriend.. please help me how to go over in my begging you..-tnx so much-

                    • Pau

                      Tears are in me….Just this saturday…2pm marks the start of pain…just from a friday worship night…got a text the following Day..Paul…am going on with my life reason…am not in love with you…just want to be alone….i have given her all my heart, love and time, just feel inside very hurt….she says she cares so much about me and that i am a very nice person wants to help me get over it with her together..How knowing how i feel inside?…she tells me that there is no one else in her Life..but i doubt….if she cares why? am just in tears with apparently no explanation… Please help bring peace into my heart…i love her so much en the more i think of what she wrote and feel it makes cry inside…At the moment I am crying to God for answers in Psalms 139…please help me….encourage me…what do i Do?

                      • Kitty

                        reply to: mz.twentysEven..

                        hey, My name is Katrina-Marie but everyone calls me Kitty.. I am 18 and have suffered a recent abusive boyfriend who took everything from me. At the start of our relationship we were pretty open, I had known him for about a month prior and he seemed nice enough, we loved each other to death and one night I gave him everything.. I was a virgin up until that point, most people are amazed that I was. But before I didnt want sex before marraige and I was so sure he’d be mine forever..

                        • Molly

                          “the Lord is saves those who are brokenhearted
                          and is with those who are crushed in spirit”
                          – Psalm 34:18

                          • alicia ann myers

                            sat here in sarrow for two years waiting for some thing that was not there. gave up in this time some one who loved me more than anything in his world, some one i trusted some one i could have loved very much. but no instead i let those feelings pass- act if there was no feelings there, why because i just “knew” when he came back that we could pick up the pieces and put them back togather. nope now i have just made more broken peices to the other half of once was my heart.

                            • Tarynn

                              I have a bit of anger towards the Lord and also the guy who broke my heart. The Lord laid such a heavy burden on me to intercede for this guy. It was awful. So I prayed for him for over a year.
                              I even asked the Lord to please remove this because it was too heavy for me. It was too painful. But he didn’t remove it.
                              Then, I meet this guy and wow… we had such a wonderful, deep relationship. And I’m thinking “wow, Lord what are you doing here?”
                              And in the end I find out this guy was just playing me. Lied to me. I feel like I sowed my absolute best on behalf of the Lord and also for this guy and I got crapped on totally. And now there is this terrible pain that won’t go away. I don’t understand. I’m very angry! I’m lonely! And I just feel like the Lord made a fool of me. Twice over. 🙁

                              • love quote

                                “Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye”

                                “We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us”

                                • maddie

                                  it’s only been a month since we stopped talking to each other and today i found out that he got into a vehicular accident. he drives a bike and he got hit by a cab. i was so worried that i did not think twice and called him to see if he was alright. he didn’t even text me to tell me about the accident. i just read about it in the bikers website that he got hurt. his injuries aren’t so bad. i still thank the Lord for that.
                                  what hurt the most was that he did not bother to send me word about what happened to him. I felt bad that we would end up like this. not even friends.
                                  i know he’s lost and if i stayed with him then perhaps i could get lost too. but i’m still hopeful that the Lord is going to deal with him soon. i’m still praying that he’ll get an encounter with Jesus that would really get his attention.
                                  i just want him to live his life as to how the Lord wants us to. I still care about him and I hope everything will turn out ok in his life and in his spiritual walk.

                                  • Sheri

                                    I am the reason for my broken heart!!!! My fiace passed away in Dec of 2006 and I have not took a moment to grieve. I miss him but I long for companionship. I have dated and have gotten hurt so many times in the process and then decided to do this dating thing God’s way, well that took to long for me and I put my self in the dating scene again. This last situation doesn’t hurt so bad because he and I were not in a relationship but my heart is still sad. Lord if my heart is not into pieces, pls break it up so that U may finally have all of me, rebuild, restructure, renew, and restore me Lord. Amen

                                    • Kimesha

                                      I am 23 years old. about a year ago I was finally able to get myself out of a three year relationship that I didn’t need to be in. My next relationship began January of this year until about six weeks ago. I found out that the man who I was beginning to fall in love with was married with four kids. That’s always the first question that I ask and he lied and covered his lie for about 5mos. To add insult to injury another young man who is supposed to be a Christian has been spending time with me also lied about his relationship status and is possibly still married. I’m glad that I found out before I got emotionally attached, but I can;t help but wonder what’s wrong with me that I can’t have a prosperous relationship. I’ve prayed and prayed and I’m just wondering what I need to do in order to hear from God and recieve the answers I am seeking. I know that he’s listeninng and answering but I am unable to hear hiim at this point in my life and that truly scares me

                                      • HADASSAH

                                        I was in love with a great guy so i thought. I was born and rised in a church .When i got to the age of 15 i wanted to know what was all this talk of love about. It was great till i lost myself in him.I was always alone and in need of someone to love me. So I stayed in a relationship even though the verbal abuse had he put me though. After 11 months later i was in the church parking lot. It was over.I was a mess,and that was my first love.After that i looked for God for anwsers. I became the person i wanted to be.I was soo happy to be me.Not long ago i found a family friend that I have not talked in a long time with. We both felt something new. I would talk to him all night after he came from work. I loved the way i felt when i heard his voice over the phone.Will soon we both started to fall for one other. He told me that God was going to tell us if should be together and i said it was a great idea in my eyes. Will i was so happy to fell the way i did. Nights went by and he was great my smile was never so big. Will we did not end up together but in my heart i thanked him for all the great things he showed me.I miss his smile but i know God only wants what is best for us. Im so happy to just know someone cared for who i was and what is yet to come. So be who you are and never become who someone wants you to be. My heart hurts but i know God can fix that cuz im stronger this

                                        • mahi

                                          i loved him so much but he is always betraying me i know he is a cheater but i can not leave him as i am married and i love him and my family will not support me i want to die

                                          • anne

                                            ..i broke with my fiance really hurt me..ii love him so much!!!wat should i do??!!!i cant leave without him…

                                            • Claire

                                              I want to know if masturbation is a sin one way or another. Almost nobody addresses the subject of single Chrisitian women who have no plans to ever get married and masturbation. i am a masturbator. Have been for a lot of years. I wouldn’t mind having a masturbation partner. I do not think it is wrong for friends to masturbate each other although I have never done it. It’s hard to find someone to talk to about this because no one wants to admit that they are doing it too. I think most people are doing it. Why did God give us such a big sex drive and no place for single women to put it? Your thoughts on this subject would be helpful.

                                              • Joey

                                                i feel completely broken. I went out with the most amazing guy, he is the first person ive actually loved! i know im still young but i seriously never felt so happy. We broke up because of my fault. I believed this girl over my boyfriend. Ive said sorry and right now i dont know if he misses and loves me back like i do. i havent told him, i have this feeling he does but yet im to scared to ask because its been nearly 5 months since we broke up. I think about him all the time. I miss him like crazy. Whenever i see him i just want to hug and love him. I honestly have no idea what to do. Ive asked the Lord, if he is not for me please please please take these feelings away from me but yet i still feel the same. Ive prayed that he will come back to me. I gave everything to this boy. He treated me sooooooooo good. I even gave my virginity to him. I know! TERRIBLE right. im so dissapointed in myself. I dont know if the Lord will even talk to me. Ive said sorry a million times but yet i feel like im just focusing on myself. PLease someone help me. I have no idea what to do. I feel like i have no wheer to go. I have the LOrd but yet i still feel so upset. Help me please, Sometimes i just want to die from the pain im feeling

                                                • Enge

                                                  I see that nothing but woman have posted here, but I am a man with a broken heart. I really related to the girl who said

                                                  “And in the end I find out this guy was just playing me. Lied to me. I feel like I sowed my absolute best on behalf of the Lord and also for this guy and I got crapped on totally. And now there is this terrible pain that won’t go away. I don’t understand. I’m very angry! I’m lonely! And I just feel like the Lord made a fool of me. Twice over. :(”

                                                  I think about Samson and how the Lord used his broken heart to battle the Philistines and how Samson died a broken hearted man. What makes it harder is that my darling left me because she said she wanted to be closer to God.

                                                  There is a saying “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man has to seek Him first to find her” Having already known Yeshua I sough him further so that I may find her but all I found was a broken heart.

                                                  • emo

                                                    Break My Heart
                                                    Destroy My Soul
                                                    Leave Me Crying
                                                    I’d Still
                                                    Love You
                                                    I Don’t Expect You To
                                                    Love Me In Return …

                                                    • Lu

                                                      i was in a very complicated relationship for two years, and as much as i loved him, i couldnt accept the way he treated me i knew in my heart we would never get past our problems so i broke up with him, it was one of the hardest decisions ive ever had to make. A month after we broke up i found out that he had been cheating on me. It destroyed me inside because i absolutely never thought he would do that to me. It took me awhile but i got over it and moved on. About a year and a half later i met a guy who completely swept me off my feet. He was literally incredible, he did everything and anything for me, he had every possible quality that i had ever wanted in a partner. I had never been so happy in my entire life, i didnt know happiness like that could exist for me. Yet i was terrified to allow myself to fall for him , to trust him, because i was so scared of being hurt again. But i took the chance, and in my heart i thought i had done the right thing. I truly thought he was THE ONE. Then in literally the span of one week, he turned into a completly different person, and he broke up with me over a text message, classy right. It left me so devastated, i was so miserable, and partly still am. It left me angry with God, because i had begged, prayed, thanked him so much for what he had given me and then he just took it all away. I hate feeling like this, i dont want to be angry with God, but i cant help feeling lost, and angry. I know God has a plan for me and in the end it will all make sense. But really in this moment, I’m really in need for the light at the end of the tunnel.

                                                      • Mona

                                                        I had been with a guy for 4 months and he recently broke up with me. We met in another country and I thought what we had was true love. I had never felt anything like this before and he told me he never did either (so he told me), but then I later find out he was still with his girlfriend while we were dating and that he was in the “process” of breaking up with her. Once he finally did a lot of things changed. At the end of the four months we had a huge argument and now we are not together. Although I can say half of the blame is mine, I feel horrible because I put so much love and effort into the relationship and I just felt he was passing the time with me. He doesn’t want to talk to me. He said he’s done with me. I wrote him a letter of apology and he didn’t bother to read it. I thought if you really loved someone that no matter how bad of an argument you have you don’t leave them. I loved him although it was for a little time, but I just don’t feel that he loved me as much as I loved him. I need God to really help me because I need to know if this was in his plan or was this human error.

                                                        • Jokacatrina

                                                          i have a crush on this boy, and when i asked him something, he didn’t reply, but everyday in school he stares at me, i don’t know if he likes me or don’t, after i asked him a question, i just said that it wasn’t for him and i said sorry, but it was for him…. ugh im confused now my heart hurts because im thinking that he doesn’t like me because he didn’t reply.. 🙁

                                                          • Lucinda

                                                            I could go on all year about all my break ups but the last one did it for me… and i have to say i knew it would happen but i didnt realise he would do it so soon, as a military personell he is only here in the Falklands for a six month tour, i just wish that he would just allow us to carry on the last two months, but first of he felt we were getting to attached, then he thinks i am jealous of a guy of his.. If god was on our side for love he would do everything in his power to keep loved ones together, so for that reason, i dont believe in god. He would not cause the hurt that he has to every one here in the world if he exsisted…

                                                            • iksheeta

                                                              i dated a guy for 5-6 months. I loved him. Loved him enough to sleep with him. Similar to someone previously – i was going to wait till marriage.. but it just happened. I loved him too much. Then we broke up because it was just not working out. He got bored of me. 2 weeks later, he dates another girl. A month later, he comes back to me and i accept him. We were physically attached alot. So i sleep with him again and 2 days later he breaks up with me again and goes back to the girl!! O M G! what just happnd?! im sooooooo broken. he is soo happy with his new gf. he says she is beautiful and different. he doesnt even bother to know if im alive or not..
                                                              i have been praying and praying bt its not helping too much.. :(.. what should i do??? pleaseee help! im broken! verY!!!

                                                              • pat

                                                                i broke up yesterday with my girlfriend of 16 months. we had a lot of fights, she said she fell out of love with me. she wanted to go out and party and be “23”, well that’s was her call. i am hurting bad from it. she wasn’t a christian. i guess that was y first mistake. But, she was beautiful inside and out.

                                                                • Mark Anthony Agbayani

                                                                  Truly, God is the true “Dr.Love”, ‘coz He IS Love… And because He “First loved us…”

                                                                  • francescanova

                                                                    Its been 5 mos since my boyfriend & i broke up,but the pain still here..ive never love like this before..i thought he is the one for me…til now i still cry for him..everyday!..sometimes i wish to be gone forever…i really dont know what to do to lessen the pain i feel inside..the pain just keep growing & growing….pls help me..

                                                                    • Anna

                                                                      My goodness…. I came on here because I was hurting. Divorced for several years, my husband came home from Iraq and decided in 9 wks. he wanted a girlfriend. We divorced and I was so hurt I stayed single for 2 years trying to heal. With encouragement from friends I went online! (yeah, I know)…Met a guy named Tim from Pa. He had a pic. without his shrt, my thought was not sexual. I felt a strange feeling that I wanted to lay my head on his chest, like a place of warmth and safety. The months after were amazing, I believed God sent him. Then he started saying he was working late and couldn’t talk. (we had met several times and spent weeks together). I slept with him . I get aphone call one day coming home from work, a girl asking who I am. I said Tim’s girlfriend..she said, so am I. Well she was in his house and he was texting me at that moment telling me about his day! I was hurt, crushed…He broke up with her and I forgave him! Something I would never do. EVER….I felt that God wouldn’t bless me unless I could learn to forgive. So I did. Everything seemed to be o.k. for awhile, then the same red flags crept back up. Well to shorten the story, I broke it off a few days ago. I told him I had an MRI done and they found a cyst in my spinal cord. I was scared and needed him. Well, he talked to me that day and not another call from him for two weeks. He was angry because his friends needed him to bring beer to there boat on the lake the second night after we talked about the cyst. I wanted desperately to talk with him, since I had researched the medical problem, and was really upset. He said he didn’t see my problem and his friends needed him to do something for them. Wouldn’t have been such a pro. if he hadn’t spent every weekend since the 1st of may at the boat dock! So I let it sink in how much this guy REALLY did not care after 2 wks. of no calls. His profile said …nonsmoker, he smoked….stayed home didn’t like to party, He partied every wknd! He lied all the time…..But I fell completely in-love with him. Now my heart is crushed I’m praying like all of you and asking WHY????? ButI know now I’m not alone, I read your stories and I prayed for all of you. I’m sorry all of you feel this pain. It’s horrible I know. I hope we all will be happy again and hope we can find love. I know this place is lonely. I pray that God will do something about all thes men who lie and hurt so many. My heart goes out to you, and please try to remember who you are!!! What were your dreams? Where have you always wanted to go? Get out and go do the things of YOUR hearts desire. Let it go and if was yours it will come back, if not it was never meant to LAST. Maybe you were meant to be just a friend, nothing more. Sitting home crying wont fix it. If their coming back.. crying at home or out 4 wh. or sky diving or riding a horse or going to the beach wont stop them! Crying at home only STOPS YOU!!!!!!! LIVE YOU WERE MEANT TOO!!!!!!!!! Yes, I’m going to take my own advice!

                                                                      Anna from Alabama*

                                                                      • Rosa Mindieta

                                                                        I am so in love with a man that I meet back in 1997 when I’m around him its like he is the only one that can make my life whole but I have no idea how he feels about me. It is hard for me to let go so I told him I would wait for as long as I had too!

                                                                        • kerry

                                                                          I am well aquainted with a brokenheart and pain. I have been in too many relationships and none of them work out! I think it is partly to do with my low self esteem n the fact I don’t know how to build healthy relationships with men. I struggle to respect and trust men. My dad was a drunk n violent and belittled us as children. Although I have managed to forgive my dad I just don’t know how to truly love trust and respect me.I am now his carer he is sick although I do see some good in him his put downs are still there in some ways. My most recent relationship lasted for over 2 years we broke up due to the fact I would drink a bit too much on nights out the boyfriend would call me abusive names which only increased my pain aand hurt. I admit the drink was used to dull pain. The first brake up hit me so hard I felt sick and lifeless for weeks. But I called on the lord and although I had choosen to go against his will by not waiting for marriage for sex, he still comforted me and built me up to trust in him more.that period with the split was where I felt the closeset to the lord. This time I made a big mistake on new years eve n crumbled under the pressure of my life of a carer, feelings of isolation depression and despair. We can no longer talk because he constantly calls me a liar and is no longer in love with me. This does not hurt immensley like the first time we split I am more destroyed at my lack of ability to form healthy trusting relationships. I pray for all you out there who are going through break ups. I know that God is close to the broken hearted and can transform any situation. I am now having therapy. I know that the lord will help each and everyone of us.
                                                                          Lots of love God bless

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