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Generation Z Singles

Reaching Generation Z Singles for Jesus

As Generation Z Christian singles can tell you, the vast majority of other 20-something singles do not attend church. Paradoxically, Generations Z Singles as they are called today, are also one of the most receptive age groups to evangelize. How can both of these statements about Gen singles be true? The answer is that many Christian churches are simply missing huge opportunities by not communicating the Gospel to 20-something singles in ways that make sense to them. In fact, most…
How to end a bad date

Girl Rules for Dating Guys

Depending on who you speak with, girl rules for dating guys differ in content and emphasis. The following girl rules for dating guys come from several Christian single guys who have had tons of experience with both online dating sites like eHarmony and offline dating. The above girl rules for dating guys are not necessarily our views, but I thought them worth sharing. By the way, if you have any Christian dating rules you would like to share, just fire…

Pathological Lying in Dating Relationships

Pathological lying is not exclusively a trait of politicians. Truth be told, I’ve been known to tell a few whoppers myself. But I can’t believe the number of Christians who write saying pathological lying is going on in their dating relationships. Some are dating pathological liars, but don’t know how they can break up with them. Others wrote us privately, confessing that they needed help stopping their pathological lying. Are you a Christian single who thinks you have a problem…