forty something dating advice for over 40 singles


Disability Dating and Singles Dating with Disabilities

Have you heard about those disability dating sites that exist to help disabled singles the chance to meet other singles with similar issues? Some people use disability dating sites because they feel it is harder for them to find a date on a regular dating site. I know of several Christian singles who have physical disabilities, and they with disability dating services. The main reason they use online disability dating is because they feel “normal” singles in the church and…

Dating Singles for 40’s

Are you one of those Christian singles interested in dating singles in their 40’s , 50’s or older? There are a number over 40’s dating sites singles may want to check out. You may be surprised to learn that half of  those who use baby boomer dating sites and senior singles dating services are not over 40 themselves. In fact there is a big interest among singles dating those older than themselves. Why is this? No one really knows for…