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Christian Singles and Sex

Christian singles and sex life topics, like masturbation, sex before marriage and love

Forgiveness and Dating Relationships

There is an amazing connection between forgiveness and healing in the Bible. Forgiveness has amazing benefits. Forgiveness can heal broken relationships, broken hearts and even bring health to one’s body. Only recently have secular psychologists and doctors begun speaking of the healing power of forgiveness in one’s life. The Forgiveness and Dating Relationships Problem Many […]

Masturbation and Christian Singles

Let’s talk about the M word and Christian singles. Masturbation and Christian Singles. Male masturbation. Female masturbation. Adolescent masturbation. Chronic masturbation.   Christian Singles and Masturbation. Is it a sin to masturbate? Are you feeling awkward yet? Most pastors apparently are because they avoid the masturbation topic at all costs. This is a little ironic, […]