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Hope for Singles this Christmas

We at Christian Dating Service PLUS! want to take this time to wish the thousands of dear single brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who visit us each week a very warm and Merry Christmas! It is our hope and sincere prayer that the Lord will bless you with love, hope and joy in the coming year. As Christian singles we know it is especially during Christmas that many sense a longing for intimacy and love as found in a…

Christmas Love Poems

You may have searched on this page looking for Christmas Love Quotes. Well, we’ll get to some Christmas love quotes in a minute, but first we at Christian Dating Service Plus! would like to wish the tens of thousands of our weekly readers a very warm and Merry Christmas! Christmas Love Quote Blues No, where were we? Oh yeah, Christmas love quotes. Actually, Christmas love quotes tend to get me down, because most of them are of the “Blue Christmas”…