Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional

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Bible Verse of the Day for Struggling Singles

Our Bible verse of the day is pertinent for many Christian singles struggling with lustful desires. What I find encouraging in our Bible verse of the day is that even faithful Timothy, to whom St. Paul was writing, suffered through some of the same temptations we do battle with in our lives. So on this Lord’s Day, let His Spirit speak to you, and give you hope as you meditate on this Bible verse of the day: -Flee the evil…

Alcohol Use and Abuse Among Single Adults

This is a fact: Alcohol Use and Abuse is much more prevalent among single people (across all age groups) than with those who are married. While single men are by far the largest demographic that uses and abuses alcohol, recent studies in the US and UK find alarming rises in alcohol use and abuse among single women. Does all this alcohol use and abuse surprise you? It shouldn’t because alcohol use and abuse goes hand in hand with other struggles…