Lonely Woman

Lonely Woman

lonely single women and loneliness

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Steps Lonely Christian Single Women Can Take to Battle Loneliness

Would you label yourself as one of those lonely Christian single women?  I met a single lonely woman today. She said she had no one  with whom to share the burdens of her heart.  If you feel like you too are a lonely single woman, you’re not alone. Lonely Single Christian women Facts According to a Duke University study, 25% of the US population feels like they have no one with whom to share their pains of life. The vast…
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Single Gals and God’s Grace

As a former mediator in family court, I’ve  seen a lot of single gals come through our doors. Not a few of these single gals are pregnant teen girls in great financial, spiritual and emotional need. This thought about single gals got me thinking about Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, our Saviour. Think about it. She too was a single gal, a pregnant teenager with some heavy needs of her own. Single Gal Problems First of all, she was…

Hope for Singles this Christmas

We at Christian Dating Service PLUS! want to take this time to wish the thousands of dear single brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who visit us each week a very warm and Merry Christmas! It is our hope and sincere prayer that the Lord will bless you with love, hope and joy in the coming year. As Christian singles we know it is especially during Christmas that many sense a longing for intimacy and love as found in a…