Love Test

Love Test

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Love Tests-The Ultimate Love Test

Are you familiar with love tests? You can see love tests on many dating sites and in romance/dating magazines. What exactly is a love test? A love test is basically a quiz, a set of questions that supposedly will determine whether or not the girl or guy you are dating really loves you, or is just faking it. In my opinion, most of these love tests are inaccurate, and should be taken sort of like the “he loves me, he…

Accepting Unconditional Love

If you really get down to it, aren’t we all looking for unconditional love? Many Christian singles enter into dating relationships with hopes of finding this kind of true love. While I certainly believe God can lead you to a life long soulmate, only the Lord can love us unconditionally. I know some of us feel we have to “earn our love with God, and never quite are able to accept what He says about us in His word. But…