Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

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Money Saving Worries and Singles

Many singles have a hard time saving money, for the simple reason that they don’t have much money to save. This lack of money saving has caused many single worry over what they will do in their day of need. Money Saving Worries for Christian Singles Does money saving concerns of single people shock you? It shouldn’t because financial debt and being single goes hand in hand. Singles of all types (never married, divorced, widowed or single parents) collectively have…

Money Worries for Christian Singles

Money worries? Single Christians don’t need an economic economic meltdown on Wall Street to start worrying about money and finances. In fact, according to our 2007 extensive surveys, singles worry just as much about money and careers as they do relationship and dating issues. Did you know that?  So how do we counsel singles (single-never married, single parents, divorcees) who worry over money? The actual meaning of the word “worry in Greek actually means to have a “divided mind”. The…