Romance Relationships

Romance Relationships

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Romance Relationship Hope for Christian Singles

Spending New Years Eve minus a romance relationship usually spells loneliness and depression. I know many Christian singles reading this watched the Ball drop last night without a romance relationship in sight. Sigh. Under these circumstances it’s very easy to lull ourselves into a self-pity party, especially as we observe other couples enjoying their romance relationships. Romance Relationship Hope for the Future Last night as I watched the record crowd during the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, it dawned…

Christian Relationship Advice for Singles

Many singles contact us for Christian relationship advice, often asking questions like, “Should I get out of this relationship?” or “Should I marry this person?” Many times, however, Christian relationship advice is hard to give on issues like these because we don’t have all the information on the involved parties. Also, when dishing out Christian relationship advice, I’ve learned a long time ago to get both sides of the story before giving any advice on a topic. Christian Relationship Advice…