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Sweet and Cute Love Quotes (Page 3)

Love Quotes short, cute, romantic, sad and sweet

Aging and Growing Old Being Single

Today is my birthday. Yippee! Actually, I can’t stand aging and growing older by yet another year, but it sure beats the alternative. I have spoken to a number of Christian singles (and there are many out there) who are also having, shall we say, a difficult time aging gracefully as well. Why did I […]

Unrequited Love Quotes

For me, unrequited love quotes are simply the saddest and most painful love quotes out there. Yet, every month hundreds of singles search for unrequited love quotes on the internet? Why? I suppose finding just the right unrequited love quote is a great way of giving verbal expression to inward rejection and heartbreak, which can […]

Famous Love Quote

I am quoting this famous love quote today for the many singles who have written us about their love or dating relationships that have just not worked out as planned. Some have written us about the pain unrequited love. Others have recently written us about what it’s like dating a pathological liar, and the trials […]