sexual purity of Christian singles

Sexual Purity and the Bible

That’s right-we are going to talk about sexual purity, the topic that everybody likes to avoid.  Sexual impurity ranges from a lust-full thought to actual acts of perverted behavior.  In today’s modern world, every where you look, there’s sex and very rarely is it between two married people.  If you turn on the TV, you see scantily clad women on MTV, and HBO.  You can go to the super market to see magazines with half naked models and articles about…

Love Poem Quotes

What I really like about love poem quotes are the raw emotions writers use to express their undying love and heartfelt devotion. Love poem quotes are inspirational because they just ooze passion and genuineness, which only makes them more effective and real for those reading or hearing. Famous Love Poem Quote One of my absolute favourite love poem quotes comes from the heart of Edgar Allen Poe. The name of the love poem is called Annabel Lee. Legend has it…