Christian Dating Rules

Christian Dating Rules

Singles write us regularly wondering if we have a set of Christian dating rules or principles for their Christian dating relationships. Christian dating rules? I always chuckle when I hear the term, “Christian dating rules” because it reminds me of some kind of board game (like LIFE, remember that one?) we used to play as kids.

Christian Dating Rules and God’s Word

I definitely understand and empathize with Christian singles looking for some great relationship dating advice. That’s one of the reasons we started Christian Dating Service Plus! Yet, in all honesty the only “Christian dating rules” you will ever need is found in the guide lines laid down in God’s Rule Book, the Bible. Where do you think we get all of our stuff from, Milton Bradley? All of the principles for our Christian dating advice is found in this Book, as well as the answers to most of the questions folks ask about things like sexual impurity and relationships.

Do you need Christian dating rules today? Before going anywhere else, including to us, check out His Word. You won’t be let down.

Bible Verse of the Day

~Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path~Psalms 119:105

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    • Dating Rules

      Many Christians having problem in their relation because they do not follow certain basic dating rules. For religious dating it needs to follow some strict rules also. So I think it would better if you put some basic christian dating rules which will help us for better relationship.


      • Jude Nwaogu

        Dating Rules:
        As a christian, if a man wants to marry, he has to seek God’s help and guidance not to make a wrong choice.
        Because making a choice without God’s direction, might leads to a mistake that can never be corrected.

        Have fun!

        • stephanie

          sou evangelica e a um tempo to ficando com um minino que não é da igreja e acho que isso ta me atrapalhando um pouco com minha itimidade com DEUS oque eu faço? eu gosto muito dele!

          • AfricanQueen

            Wow, Christian dating rules… that’s not a bad idea. I think it would help a great deal. Yes, the rules are laid down in His Holy Book but I think it would be nice to have those verses on the website. Help us out here…


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