Christian Dating Tips for Teens

Christian Dating Tips for Teens

Quite, frankly, putting out Christian Dating Tips for Teens can be quite controversial. I realize there are some who would rather lump Christian dating tips for teens under the heading of courtship. However, our purpose for even mentioning Christian dating tips for teens is not to become embroiled in the Christian dating versus courtship debate, but rather to give some broad biblical advice and tips that Christian teens serious about their faith can apply to their dating lives. I suppose the following teen Christian dating tips could apply to any adult single Christian as well.

Scriptural Christian Dating Tips for Teens

Christian Teen Dating Tip 1: The purpose of dating is to find a lifelong marriage partner.

If you don’t have the gift of singleness, the Word of God is pretty plain that it’s God’s will that we should meet ONE person of the opposite sex and bond as ONE with that person for life (Genesis 2:24: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh”). I happen to have Christian teen boys who love girls. And you know what? Dear old dad is happy about that! But as I tell them, “If you’re not at the point in your life where you’re not practically capable of getting married, you have no business dating one on one. Hard words? Yes, but the good choices are not always easy to make.

Christian Teen Dating Tip 2: Cultivate Godly Friendships with the Opposite Sex

Instead of a serious dating relationship during teen years where sexual temptation, pregnancy, rejection and heartache can be more difficult to deal with, why not get to know a wide variety of singles through single groups or in group get-togethers instead? Having meaningful, godly relationships with teens of the opposite sex with no strings attached will not only build your self esteem but also hone your interpersonal and conversational skills with a variety of people. No pressure to perform here. Then when the appropriate time comes for a serious, one on one Christian dating relationship you will be emotionally prepared, without any prior baggage

Christian Tenn Dating Tip #3: Guard Your Heart By Not Giving It to an Unbeliever

Do we need to even go here? As a Christian teen you cannot help who you are physically attracted to, but you can keep yourself from giving your heart to them when you know it is not the right thing to do. Almost all the emails we get from Christian Teens about broken hearts comes from the fact that they were dating an unbeliever. Although this Christian dating tip for teens is clearly mentioned throughout Bible (ex: “Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons” Deuteronomy 7:3), many Christian teens rationalize this one away.

The bottom line here is that missionary dating is dangerous and wrong. Many Christian singles (including Christian dating teens) have experienced untold pain because of it. Instead hang out with singles of the opposite sex who are excited about Jesus and what He means to them. These are your potential soul mates because if you are really a Christian, these are the kinds of singles you can connect with on all cylinders. Really living for Jesus is the most thrilling and exciting ride you can possibly imagine, but you cannot experience all that God wants for your romantic life with another person of the opposite sex if they “just don’t get it”.

Christian Teen Dating Tip 4: Ask the Lord to Lead You to the Right Person

Your loving heavenly Father will never let you down. What an amazing resource to have the powerful person in the universe guiding your dating decision making. The question is, why would you not want Him doing so. Overall, dating is great fun, but also serious business. Christian teens dating who make the wrong choices will be suffering the consequences for a lifetime.

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    When I met my boyfriend, we didn’t even know that we were both Christians. It was a big lift off our shoulders to share how we really feel in regards to religions and personal goals.

    Our biggest challenge in our two year relationship is Sexual Purity. Each of us keep “Every young woman’s” and “Every young man’s” battle handy to keep us refreshed on how we can love each other, but to keep ourselves holy for until marriage. I’m not trying to advertise it, but I recommend these books for couples, it really helps.

    Being a Christian is a hard battle, I’m faced with negative aquaintances, friends, and even family. Meeting Christian friends gave us lots of support and helped us to stay pure. College life can make you lose track of many important things, but Christian friends know how to keep you happy and on track..

    I hope my experiences will help someone out there who’se in the same boat as I was. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I know is speaking to me and helping me with each step I take.


    why is it that when it comes to dating , christian teens are put under the same umbrella as non belivers? does not the fact that we are belivers show that we able to judge right from wrong?

    David Brooks

    Thanks for a great article. I work for a christian discipleship ministry in the Philippines. I produce our quarterly newsletter and I’m looking for stories that will help our youth. Can I have permission to reprint Christian Dating Tips for Teens? I am willing to include your web address and copyright information.

    God bless,

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