Christian Dating Web Sites and Trust in God

Christian Dating Web Sites and Trust in God

Many singles are checking out online Christian dating web sites because they have heard the upbeat commercials of sites like eHarmony. Hey, I have nothing against eHarmony because it’s true that this Christian dating web site has put together tens of thousands of Christian singles. In fact, there are many wonderful reasons to try a Christian dating web site. That’s why I try to help singles by providing dating guides on the top Christian dating web sites on the internet.

Christian Dating Web Sites are not Our Strength

Sometimes, however, we as Christians put our trust and confidence in external “things” rather than in the living God. Some of us trust in money, jobs, governmental systems, Christian dating web sites, and yes, even in our own appearance and abilities to win the day. How foolish is this!

As you search your soul today, ask yourself whether you are truly putting your hope in your Lord, or in external tools like a Christian dating web site.

Bible Verse of the Day

-Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God-Psalm 20:7

Are you a single Christian who would like to share your experience or thoughts on Christian dating web sites?

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