Christian Marriage Vows and Submission

Christian Marriage Vows and Submission

Discussing Christian marriage vows can be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding ceremony. A lot of Christian single engaged couples stumble over Christian marriage vows because of one simple word: submission.

Christian Marriage Vows Controversy

Many traditional¬† vows, in an attempt to express what was thought to be the Bible’s teaching on wives submitting to their husbands, include one little phrase where the bride pledges to “love honor and obey” her mate.

Today, most Christian marriage vows of brides delete the “obey” part, and have replaced it with “cherish”. Some couples have actually had arguments over this issue, to the point of delaying the wedding ceremony.

However, much of the Christian marriage vow controversy we see could be ended if only believers took another long look at what the Bible actually teaches about submission.

Daily Devotional

In our Bible Devotion for today, Pastor Dave Gremban, of Calvary Chapel Ann Arbor, Michigan, expounds on the idea of submission:

“In Ephesians 5:21-33, we learn about mutual submission (v. 21) in the context of the marriage relationship. In short, a husband is called to submit to his wife by loving her; and a wife is called to submit to her husband by respecting him (v. 33).

“A husband who loves his wife, giving of himself as Christ gave Himself, reflects Christ and His love for the Church (v. 25). A wife who respects her husband
and submits to his leadership reflects the Church and her respect for Christ (v. 23-24).

“Let’s cultivate marriages that communicate this beautiful picture of Christ and the Church! May God’s Spirit enable us to each do our part.”

Bible Verse of Day

-Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.-Ephesians 5:21

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    • Paul Brunet

      The Holy Word of God is clear and the daily devotion is correct. God has created a wonderful thing with marriage and His plan is perfect. Any disobedience to Gods plan is sin. There is a responsibility of obedience to both the man and woman and each will be held accountable for their actions. There is no controversy here, if you are a Christian you follow Gods plan.

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