Christian Relationship Advice for Singles

Christian Relationship Advice for Singles

Many singles contact us for Christian relationship advice, often asking questions like, “Should I get out of this relationship?” or “Should I marry this person?” Many times, however, Christian relationship advice is hard to give on issues like these because we don’t have all the information on the involved parties. Also, when dishing out Christian relationship advice, I’ve learned a long time ago to get both sides of the story before giving any advice on a topic.

Christian Relationship Advice in the Bible

Perhaps most important of all, specific Christian relationship advice on dating and issues related to singles is rarely found in the Scriptures. So what kind of Christian relationship advice do we offer?

First, if you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you have the Holy Spirit, the counselor of truth, abiding in you. He promises to guide you and lead in all areas, including helping you make wise decisions regarding relationships. In our Bible verse of the day, James 1:5 reads:

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

Secondly, we have written a number of general Christian relationship advice articles dealing with the Christian singles life. These articles may be useful for Christians seeking general Chrisrtian relationship advice. For example:

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    • Gover White

      I need to know what is proper behaviour for christian singles over 50 who are totally committed to one another and plan to be married who are both very passionate people, and know it is against God’s comandments to have sex before marriage

      • Betty

        Dear Gover,

        In regard to Christian relationship advice: That is an issue every Christian single faces, whether just Christian dating or in a serious relationship. Most just don’t want to admit it. We are sexual creatures and we all want love and to feel loved. It doesn’t matter what I say about this subject, really. I am lonely, too, and can’t remember the last time I even had a hug, outside of church, but what matters most is our obedience to God and He clearly commands us not to have sex before marriage. We are to neither commit adultery or commit fornication, as the bible says neither fornicators or adulterers shall see the Kingdom of Heaven. It would not be worth going to Hell over, to commit these sins, so we wait. God rewards us for obedience. We may not care for the rules, yet it is a blessing to know we have given our best to the Lord in obedience and He is pleased with us. He is definitely worth the sacrifice. After all, look how much He sacrificed for us when He died such a horrible death on the cross for our sins.

        By the way…my Lord is everything to me. I am 62 yrs. of age, love my life in the Lord, love people, but am sometimes rejected because I have weight to lose and that hurts, as I am not ugly, love to laugh and have fun, but people have to remember…weight can be lost and I am trying so hard. I am waiting for my sweet darling to come along and cherish me as much as I shall cherish him. God shall give us our hearts desires as He sees fit. Until then. that’s my Christian dating advice on relationships…God bless you all.


        • julianne

          i am a christian who recently found out that my non christian boyfriend of 7 yrs is addicted to porn. He says he is willing to accept jesus but I’m torn between leaving the relationship and helping him. What suggestions do you have?

          • ock

            I fell in love with a woman at work (who is currently divorced) and once I told her how much I wanted her. However, when I did it, she got very angry at me.

            After a few months, we started talking again, but just as friends. I continued loving her. I know she is much older than me and has gone through a very hard time in her life, and I think I’m just too young for her (almost 13 years of difference). She is now planning to go out with one of my friends at work and I really feel bad at this time (jealousy, dissapointment, I don’t know how to call it, should I laugh or cry). I think I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life in falling in love with this woman and it really brought a hard time for me to cope with in my spiritual and professional life. I gave her my inconditional support but I know that SHE DOESN’T FEEL THE SAME FOR ME.

            Similar thing happened to me time ago when I would love a girl too much. I even failed a subject at the university because of that.

            I swear every day that goes by implies a new suffering for me at work. It may even lead me to make the decision to resign and get away from everything. They two may go out if they wish to, and maybe it would be good for me to get away from them and forget about everything.

            If I’m still here I will continue seeing her and loving her no reward back, compounded by the problems I’m already having at work. I think I should consider leaving and going far away not to see them both anymore. Outside maybe I will find a true love for me and I will not suffer like this anymore. I know this is NOT what God intends for me, Jesus has already carried our suffering.

            I’m praying God in order to find a prompt solution to this problem. I really don’t know what to do. I expect to receive your advice, brothers and I will be thankful for your help.

            • angel

              i am dating a guy for three months now. but we sinned like a month in the relationship asin fornication and we prayed and tried to stay away from each other for a while to calm down and we pray fro forgiveness and all but when we meet in a quiet place we always somehow end up fornicating again. it hurts me so much because i want this to b done right but i keep doing it wrong. shoulld i leave him and move on to a new person and try again or should i stick with him and try harder what should i do would deeply appreciate your help. thanks

              • bunny

                I am a divorced mother of four. The oldest three are fathered by my ex-husband. After the divorce, I entered into a relationship with a new man, and he fathered the fourth child. Now I am trying to find my way back into a Christian lifestyle, and I struggle with this aspect of my life. He is not interested at all in coming to know the Lord, and that bothers me. I know that we are in a sinful relationship, and that bothers me too. However, he is the father of my child, and he loves his father dearly. I would not want to separate them. I’m torn. Any advice would help!

                • Melissa Diane Hudson

                  There are many females in the world who are blindly playing the “fool” for deadbeat men, and have no clue as to what really attracts a Christian man to a woman. In my new
                  Christian relationship book entitled, “The Female Fool: 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Attracting a Good Christian Man,” helps females to examine areas of brokenness in their relationships that are producing poor outcomes. The number one reason marriages and relationships are failing is because people are not allowing God to intervene and send them their mates.They go out and about and choose mates by what the world says a good mate is. For example, the world says a good mate is: someone who looks good, have a high paying job, great personality, loves family and attends church. But God’s standards are totally different and some people are not accepting his ways when it comes to living a fruitful life for His kingdom: including Godly relationships. If people would seek God first before seeking a mate and allow Him to choose their partners, dating relationships would turn to wonderful marriages that would last a lifetime.

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