Christian Singles Blog

Christian Singles Blog

Welcome to the new singles blog side of! This is a safe place where Christian singles, pastors or  seeking pagans can share, view, comment and read  “stuff” on a variety of different topics  of concern to Christian singles that many churches need to address, but simply don’t.  Singles are crying out for help! One purpose on this Christian singles site is to listen and pray for them, whether they are sharing about their struggles with masturbation or some other  secret that they feel they can’t share (how sad Pastors and Churches!) anywhere else but here.

If you have an Christian singles article, video or just some Christian dating advice you would like to share, feel free to submit them via email by clicking that black letter icon on the top upper right of our site to the right of our Christian Singles Blog title.   We promise to put you “stuff” online within 24 hours as long as it meets our Submission Guidelines. Submitting comes with some great benefits.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Christian Singles Blog is sponsored by, a new church start located in Central  NJ.  Looking for a new church with new and exciting ideas? Check us out!

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    Where do you meet these single eligible christian men at. I have been attending church all my life and I have yetI to come around any single men that is willing to marry. Alot of these christian men don’t even date christian like women. You know who these women are. (smile) Not to be judgemental but their usually known as floozies and their not hard to get. How can a woman who is following the word compete. Please don’t tell me to pray, I have done it many many times. And I am not some wayward woman who lives any kind of life style, like so many of my sista bitterness is starting to take place.

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