Christian Singles Forums for Single Christians

Christian Singles Forums for Single Christians

Well…we finally did it! We now have a FREE Christian Singles Forum for single Christians. The vision for this Christian singles forum is that it will help Christian singles connect with each other for dating advice, fellowship and ministry…all for FREE!

We have a lot of cool features on our Christian singles forum like instant messaging, so register, set up a profile (you can include a photo if you wish) and introduce yourself under “Introduce Yourself to other Singles.” Boy that was original, right? Although we get many thousands of visitors each week, it’s gonna take a while for our forum to populate. So it comes down to this: The more singles and their friends we get to register the more it will attract, so register and post away and you will be having lots of interaction with thousands of singles in no time. Think of the potential for fellowship, pen pals and more!

We have a number of singles categories you may be interested in including Dating and Relationships Advice, Single Parenting, Ask a Guy, Ask a Girl, Prayer Requests and others. Oh yeah…I almost forgot. If you’re interested in being a moderator when we start growing (and we will), just contact us through the singles forum. Blessings and I hope you enjoy our Christian singles forum.

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    I’m looking for a LDS online dating site. I haven’t been able to find many. I’ve found some christian dating sites,
    but I was wondering if there were any sites that were geared towards Later Day Saints religion. It’s hard to
    find a lot of other LDS online daters wanting to chat – at least, I haven’t been able to. Does anyone know of any?

    Like I said, I’ve tried some christian ones, but not really what I’m looking for. I really hope they’re out there!

    If not a dating site, perhaps any type of chat or group related to LDS.



    Well dating online is not so bad at all but most of the time there are so many pretending person rather than find somebody seriously looking for a potential relationship so for all out there goodluck!

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