Christian Teens, Dating and Sex

Christian Teens, Dating and Sex

Christian teens love dating and
Myspace, and they also have sex just as frequently as their non-Christian teen friends. Ouch! Like salmon swimming against the current, Christians teens who are serious about Jesus are also in battle for spiritual survival. The bottom line here: Christian Teens struggle just like adult single Christians.

Christian Teen Advice Lacking

One of my friends who ministers to Christian Teen girls and boys recently lamented: “Christian teens are confused. They get preached to endlessly about things like courtship and dating, and the dangers of having sex before marriage, but have little real leadership by example from those at home or in the church. No wonder a large number of Christian teens get discouraged, and leave the church when they go to college.” Hello!

If you are a Christian teen (or older Christian single) who feels like you really blew it with God, and don’t know where to turn, remember the Heavenly Father is always willing to accept you where you are (1 John 1:9). You can also go to Him 24/7. Really.

There are also many Christian teen ministers and other older singles who would be more than willing to talk to you about whatever ( and we mean whatever) you wish. Sometimes just talking about our problems can help us.

The following are some places Christian teens can go to find free, anonymous help:

Christian Teen Hotline: (1-800-394-HOPE) (USA)
Kids Free Help Line: 1-800-551-800 (Australia)
The Samaritans: 0845 7 909090 (United Kingdom)
(links to international Christian teen resources)

If you are a Christian teen/Christian single girl or guy who doesn’t feel like speaking with someone, but would like to make a secret confession, or just write about how you feel, you can e-mail us on this site.

Bible Verse of the Day

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

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    is it good to have a Christian boyfriend… it is very hard to find a Christian guy that would like to wait until marriage… i would like to date again just to fit in with my friends…but i’m looking for a guy that is not all about sex.. all the guys i dated in the past wanted to have sex… so i broke up with him.. i just don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life..but i would love to wait until marriage also… then again i don’t want to be a 40 year old virgin…. so what do i do?????


    hello Jessica. Your comments are interesting. I am a 17 year old Christain guy. It is very hard to find the “right person”. I feel for you because I feel as if I am in the same boat as you. Do not give in to sex. If a guy wants to do that with you don’t feel as if you have to, you are worth more than that!. You know what? If you remain pure and trust God there is someone out there for you! I am a christian guy and you know what, it is a hard this to come across a “good” christain girl.. Its is! And I garentee if you remain on the right path God WILL bless you for that. Chelsea, she was one of my best friends. And she did not have a boy friend at all.(she was 2 years older than me) And she waited patently and one day she meet him at church, he was visiting. 3 months later they are engaged and getting married. All that to say she waited and God blessed her for doing the right thing. There is a christian guy out there waiting for you and you have just got to pray about it. pray for him, your future soulmate. I heard this quote once.”Instead of trying to find the right person look at yourself and ask how can I be the right person.” Consintrate on yourself and how you act and what you do. Be the right person for him. Well its great to know some girls out there are trying to do the right things! Keep at it girl. Your doing great!


    i have a “boyfirend” thats 2 yrs older than me and he is a Christian- very sweet and respects me. We’ve been “together” for a little more than a year now. We can’t date yet becuase i am not 16 yet.He doesn’t mind waiting for me or until marriage to have sex (we prefer it that way). However we have kissed before, and when we do start dating i was wondering if maybe just kissing and holding hands would be okay?

    David Butler Author

    ashleigh- It’s great that you and your “boyfriend” are planning on saving sex until marriage. Now when it comes to kissing and holding hands, it becomes a bit more tricky. Kissing and holding hands is fine, as long as these things don’t tempt you guys to sin. Its easy to get caught up in the feelings and sin. If kissing and holding hands makes you guys want to do sexual things, then you shouldn’t be doing them. However, it you are fine with kissing and holding hand, and can remain pure while doing those things, then it is fine.


    oi Christian a super difisil encontra namorado evangelico eu tenho 16 anos e me sinto carente sou cristão e fis uma coisa feia namorei um tempo com um garoto que não era cristão e ele me maguol muito eu acho que vou ficar souteira para sempre, mas eu presiso de um namorado urgente o que eu faço?


    hi, i’m a Christian. i’ve been dating this Christian guy and we’ve shared hugs and kisses. my parents didnt know about it because i know they would get mad. they didnt make it clear about when i can date. so i asked them when i can date and she sed when i turn 18. the guy and i stopped giving hugs and kisses and decided to wait till i’m 18. do you think i should tell my parents that we already kissed? even if we already stopped doing those things?


    Happy- hmm, i’m sure others will come right out and say that you should, but it really depends on the situation. if you do plan on telling them, make sure that stress the fact that as soon as they set an age for you to date, you stopped kissing this guy and stuff. Not only will that show that you are willing to follow their advice, but it also reminds them that they never set an age for you in the first place. Now, you really should have asked them about dating before you did, but since that time has passed you can only break it to them slowly. you COULD just not tell them, but i guarantee they will find out about it SOMEHOW, and not only will they know, but they will be hurt and think that you didn’t care about THEM enough to tell them. if you do, they’ll appreciate your honesty, and they will therefore take it better.

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