Danny Gokey American Idol Christian Single

Danny Gokey American Idol Christian Single

Well Danny Gokey, Christian single widower, has made it to Final Four of American Idol. For those who don’t know, Danny Gokey is a contemporary Christian music worship leader in Wisconsin for Faith Builders International Ministry. Daney Gokey follows a long list of American Idol finalists who are dedicated Christians. In fact, Kris Allen, another American Idol finalist along with Danny Gokey, is also single Christian who volunteers his musical talents at his local church.

Danny Gokey and American Idol

Hey, I don’t know if Danny Gokey is going to win American Idol. My suspicions are that Adam Lambert or Kris may sneak in as the champ. Whatever. I’m just please that there are Christian singles out there who are using their talents as a springboard to communicate Christ to the world. I think Gokey does a great job of “being in the world, but not of it.” How about you? How do you portay yourself to the world? Do people even know you are a Christian?

Bible Verse of Day-5-3-09

~Do not be conformed to this world, but continually be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you may be able to determine what God’s will is-what is proper, pleasing, and perfect~Romans 12:2

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    • Jen

      I am disappointed, I just heard at work that Danny has signed a deal for a country album. I was so looking forward to hearing him in the christian sector of music. What happened? I thought he was a church music director? (not judging him) It make me wonder about what happens to peoples character after going on shows like this if they can’t remain standing on their faith and back it up. I still hope to see something out in cont. christian, I can only pray, right? Which way is Chris Allen going to go , he apparently was also involed in his church music program. Ok I have got this off my chest for the day, arrrrrgggggghhhhhh

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