Dating a Snuggie?

Dating a Snuggie?

Tired of the Christian dating scene, one of my friends stated until further notice she is dating a snuggie.   Never heard of the concept of dating a snuggie? For those unfamiliar, snuggies are those warm and cuddly body blanket thingies. So when this single gal comes home from work after a hard day, she  stated slips into one of these babies and the stress just melts away. “They don’t cheat and offer unconditional love”, she quipped.

Dating a Snuggie Blues

Of course y freind has not cracked up.  Yet I almost could understand if she really was dating a snuggie because those suckers are quite cozy and comforting. And hey, their a cheap date at less than 20 bucks a shot.

But Sue (not her real name) was simply expressing her frustration at not being able to find a suitable Christian date that both respects her and is serious about their faith. She’s tired of the dating game filled with cheater, liars  and other assorted losers.

How about YOU?  Have you felt like kissing dating goodbye for any of the above reasons?  Is dating a snuggie looking good about now? My advice here is to take a step back and simply pray. Pray your heart out to the Lord who understands where you are coming from, and promises to lead you in the way you should go.

My second piece of advice is to  write down  your dating goals all of the dating options you can think of. Have you truly exhausted all places singles would go to meet other singles? Have you ever online Christian dating a whirl? There are some great reasons to try a Christian dating site like Eharmony Dating Service, and they might very well end up being a little better than a snuggie.

Bible Verse of Day-8.11.09

~Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding~Proverbs 3:5

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    • Snuggie Parody Site

      Snuggies make better dates than some people, lol. Hopefully Sue can find a nice human, though.

      • David

        Forget the snuggie and get a pooch.

        During the times I’ve been alone, my little 18-pound Bichon, Eddie has been a great companion…and now that I have Nancy in my life, he’s got two people who he can give his unconditional love to.

        He is not a blanket, he’s a life. I take him everywhere and he has more personality than most people I’ve met.

        A dog can teach you a great deal about what is important in the world and they will be the most loyal friend you have.

        Guess I could get a snuggie to wrap the three of us up in.

        Go with God

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