Dating Advice for Cell Phone Relationship

Dating Advice for Cell Phone Relationship

Need dating relationship advice for cell phone dating? Cell phone/mobile phone dating has really taken off in Europe, but is only now becoming more popular in the US. While phone dating via texting and chat is not a new phenomenon, several  of our christian single readers wanted some dating advice on how to date safely by cell phone.

Cell Phone Dating and Safety

Overall, the advice we give for those using is mobile  phone dating is no different for those using online Christian dating sites.

  • Use a reputable cell phone dating service.
  • If they are purporting to be a Christian cellphone dating service, make sure you get references and and check out the Terms of Service (TOS) carefully to avoid getting ripped off
  • Get in the know about good dating safety tips
  • Seek the Lord for direction in your dating life. make Him the center of your life, and everything else will fall into place.  Overall,  a cell phone dating site is simply a tool to an end.

Bible Verse of Day-8.29.2009

~But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well~ Matthew 6:33

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    • David

      Cell-phone dating?

      What is the world coming to?

      I text my sweetheart, Nancy when I’m not with her and we have fun with that. But I sure wouldn’t call it dating.

      The cell-phone is one sorry substitute for being able to hold Nancy’s hand and give her a hug and a smooch several times a day.

      Take that away from me and no cell-phone in the world would make a difference!

      Go with God

      • Jodi

        The biggest problem with communicating electronically in any way (e-mail, texting, instant messages) is the the emotion ccis lost. It is often difficult to interpret the tone in what the other person is saying. This can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. We also tend to be braver in what we choose to say, whether it is positive or negative.

        God didn’t make us like machines. We have heart, emotion, soul and the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT. I am not saying to give up your electronics, but try not to make them the focus of your relationship. You are missing out on all the yummy stuff!

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