Dating Chat With God

Dating Chat With God

A dating chat with God? Yeah, I know that sounds strange. Usually when we think of dating chats, we think of online dating chat rooms where flirting and speaking with the opposite sex takes place.

Recently, however, several Christian singles mentioned how they were struggling with their faith, and wish they could have a “dating chat” with God on few issues. Like Job, they figured if they could, they would ask the Lord a few questions on some things they just don’t understand.

How about you? When it comes to your dating life, do you find yourself wishing you could have some dating chats with your Lord?

Top Dating Chat Questions for God

The following is a list of their top dating chat questions. See how many yoiu identify with, or simply add your own dating chat questions in our comments section:

Dating Chat 1:

Dear Lord, what’s taking so long for you to bring my true love into my life?

Dating Chat 2:

Dear Jesus, why did you allow this person to come into my life, only to take them away again?

Dating Chat 3:

Heavenly Father, why did you put such strong sex drives in us, and then tell us we’re not suppose to act on them until marriage?

Dating Chat 4:

Dear God, why were some singles created physically beautiful and others (like myself) not?

Dating Chat 5:

Dear Lord, why do I have to be so love shy with the opposite sex?

Dating Chat 6:

Dear God, why do you still allow broken hearts?

Dating Chat 7:

Dear Saviour, why am I attracted to the same sex?

Dating Chat 8:

Dear Spirit, how can I feel pure again after willfully committing sexual sins?

Dating Chat 9:

Dear Lord, why do girls seem to go for all the jerks?

Dating Chat 10:

Dear Father, am I not trusting and waiting on you if I use an online Christian dating service?

Dating Chat Questions and Our Faith

Wow! Talk about some heavy dating chat questions! But the most beautiful thing about our God is that He allows us to ask questions. The bottom line is although we may get all the answers this side of heaven, we have someone who loves us unconditionally, and is always seeking our good. Do you believe that today?

We mentioned Job earlier above. Here’s a dude who was blameless and upright before God. He seemed to have it all, until one day he lost everything. He NEVER found out the “whys” of it all. However, knowing and trusting in the character of God allowed him to exclaim the words found in our Bible Verse of the Day:

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him
Job 13:15

As Christian singles we may have lots of “dating chat” questions. That’s okay. The issue is whether we can still abandon ourselves and our future into the hands of God like Job did?

Are you a single Christian with dating chat questions?

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    • jim

      well, its 1:09 am on sunday morning and for 2 weeks i stayed away from a relationship that isnt good for me because we both dont want to get married because we have both been burnt twice from divorce and am a born again believer and she claims she is, but she doesnt go to church. anyways , everytime we get together we do everything under the sun but have sex, but yet i still sinned knowingly again and am tired of this and want to meet a good christian woman that will go to church w/ me and get married!!! am tired of being alone and want to be sexually clean in God’s eyes!!!!!!!! God bless, jim

      • Jodi

        Dear Jim,

        Clearly you have the Holy Spirit in your heart that is guiding you in the right direction. That doesn’t mean we don’t fall, as you have confessed to. As a Christian, your confession and repetentance guarentees your forgiveness, which you have already received in His eyes. I think there are two imporrant things that you mentioned. First that you both do not want to get married. When God reveals to you the woman that He has hand picked for you, you will desire marriage. He will fill up all of the old hurts and pains with His love, and you will be able to open up to the idea of marriage again. You will know by listening to your heart (and the Holy Spirit) that you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your days on this earth in a God filled loving marriage.

        The other thing that you mentioned is that the woman you were involved with claimed to be a Chrisitan. Unfortunately that is a title that people use is different ways and often too loosely. Is it possible that she said this becasue she knew it is what you wanted to hear? Going to church isn’t what makes us Christian, though God does call us to gather together as beleivers in His name. Without being judgemental, we can look into someone’s heart and try to see them through the eyes of Jesus. Pray for God to reveal to you the true nature of the person, and always do so in a humble way. If the person doesn’t understand the meaning of being born again it may be an opportunity for you to sharing your faith.

        You clearly have the right motivations on your heart, keep praying that He will help you to seek Him with all your heart and not stray from His commands (Psalm 119:10)

        God Bless,
        Christian Singles Blog Moderator

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