Dating Non-Christian Advice

Dating Non-Christian Advice

In our view, dating a non-Christian is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It simply doesn’t work. Yeah, we know the stories of missionary dating success in dating non-Christian singles. And we understand the rationalizations for why one would date an unbeliever. But for every dating non-Christian story of how the other person came to Christ, and the relationship continued into a happily ever after marriage, you have 10 other disaster stories of Christian singles who ended up burned and tarnished.  You can read all about them on this site. Fact is,  I  also happen to be one of those who dated a non-Christian. The person was really hot and nice, but I ended up losing my virginity, self respect and fellowship with my God. Yeah, that was worth it!

Dating Non-Christian Experience

If you are dating a non-Christian as you read this (if you did not have doubts would you really be reading this anyway?), don’t think we are judging you or not understanding how difficult it is is living out the Christian single life. We do.

On the contrary, we love you where you are, and simply desire  to share some Christian Single Dating Advice for your own  well-being and ultimate happiness.

Bible Verse of Day

~Can two walk together, except they be agreed?~ Amos 3:3

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    • Mitchel

      Great post. But I’ll take it a step further… even if you’re dating a christian, this doesn’t guarantee that you are equally yoked. How miserable would it be for a committed christian to become married to a “carnal” christian who could care less about church, giving an offering, raising godly children… who doesn’t share your same convictions or even have the same life goals as you.
      From experience, it would be better to remain single for God and be content then to become married and miserable.

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