Dating Singles for 40’s

Dating Singles for 40’s

Are you one of those Christian singles interested in dating singles in their 40’s , 50’s or older? There are a number over 40’s dating sites singles may want to check out. You may be surprised to learn that half of  those who use baby boomer dating sites and senior singles dating services are not over 40 themselves. In fact there is a big interest among singles dating those older than themselves. Why is this? No one really knows for sure. Some have suggested that people date those older than thelmselves because they are looking for mother or father figures. Others claim it is because older singles are more financially and emotionally secure.

Overall, whatever dating decisions  you make as a single Christian, you will NEVER go wrong if you commit your relationship and choices to Him.

Bible Verse of Day

~Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will do this~Psalm 37:5

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