Don’t Date Him Girl Tips

Don’t Date Him Girl Tips

Some single women wish someone had warned them: “Don’t date him girl!”, before they took the plunge into a bad dating relationship. So when is it a bad idea to date? The following “don’t date him girl tips are written in hopes of helping some of us avoid this date trap. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, please consider this advice: Don’t date him girl!

Don’t Date Him Girl Quiz

Have you or your date had a long term relationship end within the last 12 months?

Fact: You may be the victim of a rebound relationship, and the vast majority of those fail. You are in an even more vulnerable state if you are dating after divorce or have been rejected and dumped. Bottom line: Don’t date him girl! until you are over the past and have your own stuff in order.

Does your date have a history of abusing women?

How do you spell background record check? it amazes me how many women knowingly go after bad guys in hopes of “reforming” him, or simply deluding themselves into thinking that the other women were to blame. Pleeeaase! Don’t date him girl!

Has he cheated on other women within the last 2 years?

If he cheated on them…um, well, you know the rest. Maybe YOU are the other woman? Please don’t be so naive to believe your boyfriend won’t eventually cheat on you too! Our advice: Don’t date him girl! unless he has submitted to Christ as Lord and Saviour and has backed it up by repenting of his past and staying clean for over 2 years.

If a single parent dating, are your children wary of your dating partner?

Dont date him girl before understanding where your children are emotionally with your dating life. You’ll be sorry afterward if you don’t heed this single parents dating with kids advice.

Well did you pass the don’t date him girl quiz? To be honest these don’t date him girl tips can only go so far, but you humbly seek the Lord even with your dating life, how can you go wrong?

Bible Verse of Day

~He guides the humble in what is right
and teaches them his way~ Psalms 25: 9

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