eHarmony Iphone App

eHarmony Iphone App

Seeking for an eHarmony Iphone App? Look no further!  eHarmony dating service recently came out with a universal 1OS eHarmony app that will allow Christian singles to meet other singles.   The App store infomercial for this eHarmony Iphone App actuallt states that the eHarmony app works not only with the iPhone, but also the iPad and iTouch as well!

eHarmony iPhone App Perks

Some of the eHarmony app goodies for all you singel christian techies include the ability to:

1) See all your online eHarmony matches at your fingertips

2) Upload new pics to eHarmony from your iphone or iPad, etc

3) Get instantaneous updates on any eHarmony dating service match notifications

Personally, I like the interface and and appearance of the eHarmony iPhone app and its easy to use. I supose it will just be a matter of time before Christian Mingle, one of   the eHarmony dating site’s rivals, gets its own universal iOS app as well.   In order to download this free eHarmony app, simply do a search for the app on your iOS.

Overall, all  eHarmony iPhone App tech stuff aside, as Christian dating singles it’s important to realize that neither online Christian dating services nor dating apps are the ultimate answer the search for a Christian soulmate, but the Lord Himself. At times, it may be frustrating and depressing as we wait on God for the perfect soulmate, but remember he is faithful to His promise to provide.

Bible Verse of Day

~Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful~
Hebrews 10:23

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